Moving Windows to the desired choice sometimes gets annoying. Still, there are several ways by which you can customize your Window or switch between various windows to make your task much easier and comfortable. Arranging Windows seems tedious task with the help of mouse but it becomes easy with keyboard. The method is very straightforward as it provides various options to switch or split your Window when necessary with ease.

One can customize the Window in various forms such as a switch, minimize, maximize, resize, move, or snap. These features enable the users to produce higher productivity of their work without closing the Window totally.

In case you wish to arrange your windows on your Windows 10, then follow these instructions:

Easy Methods to Switch between Windows

  1. Using Task Switcher

A dynamic feature is provided by Windows 10 that provides the accessibility to switch between active panels of various Windows by using “Task Switcher.”  If you wish to switch between windows, pursue these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, hit Alt + Tab keys on your Windows. Then, you will see all the thumbnail panels of expanded windows on your windows.
  • After that, tap and hold the Tab key on your Screen so that the active windows will highlight and move to your desired Window. Once the Window gets highlighted that you wish, release both the tabs.
  • Now, you will see that your desired Window will open on your Screen and fills over the Screen.
  • Alternatively, you may tap three keys simultaneously: Ctrl + Alt + Tab to launch the Task Switcher tool. Now, apply arrow keys and hit forward and backward keys to select your desired Window followed by entering. This operation will enable you to expand the Window as your preference.
  • Using Task View

One of the widely known tools for switching between windows in Task View. This feature provides larger previews of all the expanded windows with enhanced quality.

  • In case you need to launch Task View, then hit the two keys: Window and Tab buttons.
  • Next, for expanding your desired Window, apply arrow keys followed by the Enter key. Then, the selected Window will expand on your Screen.

Easy Methods for Minimizing and Maximizing the Window

One can minimize and maximize a window with the help of a keyboard. The keyboard hides the Window from the appearance. On the other hand, when you maximize it, it will fill up the whole of the window screen.  In case you wish to minimize all the windows at one go, follow these instructions:

  • For Minimizing the Currently Expanded Window: Tap Window tab and downward arrow key on the keyboard.
  • For Maximizing your Expanded Window, hit Window logo tab and Up Arrow Keys.
  • For minimizing all Expanded Windows: Press the Window logo and M tab.
  • Shrinking down the Window and Expanding on the Desktop: Hit Window logo and D keys altogether.
  • Minimizing all Screens leaving the Currently Expanded Window: Press the Tab: Window and Home keys.
  • Restoring all the minimized Windows: Press Window key + Shift and then hit the “M” tab.
  • Stretching the Height of Window Screen

In case you wish to enlarge the height of your Window except for the width, then you can do so. This action will stretch the overall height of your desired Window to the uppermost section and lowermost section of the Screen. To do so, abide by the given offered steps:

Press Window logo along with Shift and Upward arrow keys.

Note:  The action mentioned above will be denied if your Window is divided into the quarter-display state.

  • Splitting Windows to Quarter of Halves

In case you are working on two or multiple Windows, then Windows 10 provides you the accessibility to transform your windows into two halves or quarters if you have four different windows.  For breaking the Windows as per your preference, pursue the under offered steps:

  • In the beginning, tap Alt and Tab keys simultaneously, to expand that Window that you wish to customize. You can use your mouse for the same task.
  • Firstly, select the area that you wish your Window to cover.
  • Then, the user, the under-mentioned shortcuts, to place two different windows divided into two halves. Follow these instructions for the same:
  • Hit Window logo and Left-hand side arrow key to enlarge the Window at the left-hand side screen.
  • For maximizing the Window at the right-hand side section: Hit Window tab and then hit the Right side arrow keys.
  • Positioning Windows Quarterly

If you have four different Windows and you wish to position it or snapped it into four equal areas, then you have to use the sequence of two different shortcuts and follow these offered instructions for the same:

  • Lowermost left section quarter: Hit Window logo and left-hand side arrow key followed by Window and Downward arrow button.
  • Uppermost Left-hand side quarter: Hit Window logo and left side arrow key. Then hit the Window and Upward arrow key.
  • Lowermost right side quarter: Press the two keys altogether: Window and Right side arrow tab. Then, hit the Window and Downward arrow button.
  • Uppermost right side quarter: Tap Window key and then hit the right arrow tab. Now, hit the Window logo and upward arrow button.

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