A lot of young people grow up with the dream of becoming a pilot someday but only a few youngsters know about the entire procedure of becoming a pilot. Not know the procedure, students often apply to Sekolah Pilot. But often these students are not able to get through because they did not have a full-proof plan. So if you do not know how you should become a pilot in Australia, here are a few steps that you need to climb to become a pilot:

1. Get good grades

School is the best phase in your life to plan for becoming a pilot because it takes a lot of years to become a successful pilot. You need to have good grades in mathematics, science and English. If you are from a country where English is not your first language, then you need to be exceptionally good in English to qualify for sitting in the entrance exams. You need to have a very strong base in mathematics and you can improve yourself if you have plans for becoming a commercial pilot. 

2. Be exceptionally athletic

To get selected for Sekolah Pilot you also need to be exceptionally good in sports and other co-curricular activities. If you are fit enough, you would still need a certificate from any sports background to get direct entry into any reputed pilot training academy.

3. Gain entrance in a pilot training academy

You will have to sit for an examination to gain entry into any reputed pilot training school. The exam will consist of your general knowledge as well as knowledge about pilot training. You can gain basic knowledge for passing the examination by doing your research. The basics of pilot training can also be learned online or through books. 

4. Get a license

Without a license you will not be able to prove yourself as a pilot. There are many types of licenses for pilots the most important of which are private pilot’s license and commercial pilot’s license. You can apply for any one of them and the duration of the course will depend on which one you choose. You will have to go through intensive first-hand training and then you will need to sit for the examination. Only if you pass in the examination, you will be eligible for the license.

Next you will have to apply for jobs and if you are an exceptional student you will also get placements from your Australia aviation academy. So this is how you can become a successful pilot.