For engaging Engineering at the graduation level, one should really improvise on his interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Once a person chooses to become an engineer and completes his bachelor's, the question now arises if studying further is “Should I go for or MBA?” You need to pause and study for a while to select your desired stream MBA or Engineering. This question can be answered by assessing different factors which can be considered as the basic building blocks of a great career:


Interest plays a key role in your choice. You should be clear of your wants in life. and MBA are both master's degrees with different specializations. A person should be able to analyze whether they have an engineering bent of mind or management bent of mind. By pursuing an M.Tech you will be exposed to various possibilities of engineering field while MBA will give you an opportunity to work in any department of your choice but not engineering. Therefore, through self-evaluation and introspection, one can articulate his interests.


In this ever-evolving world, some degrees which were important 2 decades back, have no evidence whatsoever in 2020. Therefore, or MBA should become your choice only, and only after you have successfully contemplated both the courses. This evaluation requires you to gain a basic understanding of current market trends, mindsets of the employer, skill-sets necessary in the current scenarios.MTech is known to be a more comprehensive study of the specific engineering branch you have specialized in.

Whereas, MBA is a program that is known to impart industry required skills as well as soft skills that are necessary for recruitment as managers. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions offers both the programs with premium features and best faculty members. The best engineering college in Dehradun is also known for both and MBA programs as our flagship courses.

Experience before Applying for Masters

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions offers MBA admissions through its School of Management. The College is well known in the Uttarakhand region for imparting quality education. Though gaining a year or more experience is recommended for the students before going for an MBA, but Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions students are exposed to on-Job-training where they learn the industry standards very well. The program at DBGI is offered through the College of Engineering and technology. The college is a popular choice for students in Uttarakhand. The program aims to improve student's understanding and make them industry ready in their chosen specialization. Therefore for excelling in your career and having an edge over other people, join Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions Today!

Some other benefits of DBGI:

  • The largest campus in the region with world-class facilities.
  • Reading rooms, Departmental Libraries, Language labs, and communication skills development programs, DBGI serves the best of academics on its plate.
  • Comfortable and hygienic Hostel and dining mess to provide food on demand and special care for students living far from home.
  • In addition, DBGI has specialized infrastructure for various schools. Department-specific laboratories and concerned aesthetic instruments.
  • Best Infrastructure for sports and physical activities in Uttarakhand


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