Doctor App can Save and Manage Time for the Healthcare app

Who doesn’t want a quick answer from a doctor in an emergency? Or, you need to spend hours together in the OPD queue? We don’t always want to see a doctor, we want him to be available 24 X 7. It pretty much summarizes the whole scenario of the health care and wellness sector. It is one of the few areas that has to run twenty-four hours a day, requires minimal inbound calls, and faces a fleet of impatient patients. This is where the on-demand Doctor App comes into the picture. It has the potential to transform the entire sector by managing time efficiently.

The demands of the health care and wellness sector

There are only a few sectors that interact with people, like the education sector and the health care and wellness sectors. While education has to deal with the public mind, the health care and wellness sector has to deal mostly with the public body. And when people suffer, they become impatient.

They want prompt resolutions. They seek timely resolutions. Time after time people working in this field is the biggest object in this field. The on-demand doctor app saves time in more ways than one.

Time management through the on-demand doctor app

Nobody has less than 24 seconds or a second. And it takes a lot of time and effort to manage time effectively. Let’s see how the on-demand doctor app saves and manages time for related parties.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop On-Demand Doctor App And Healthcare App in UAE/DUBAI?

According to a report published in Forbes, in 2017 there were approximately 2 million video consultations in the US between primary health care providers and their patients. It has seen an annual growth rate of 35% and is expected to reach 6.5 million by the end of 2022.

They are also pushing the envelope because it covers insurance and costs them less. The on-demand doctor app provides a virtual consultation feature from the app. It also provides the feature of voice and text chat. This way it saves a lot of time, money, and effort.

2. Appointment Booking

Although appointment booking and on-demand services are two of the biggest in the service sector, they can easily be incorporated into the on-demand doctor app in the mobile app development process. It is a very flexible calendar management system in which two concerned parties can schedule a meeting without the need for third-party intervention. Again, this saves a lot of time, money, and effort. It can also take care of recurring appointments and schedule them at predefined intervals.

3. OPD queue management

All OPDs have long queues and no one likes to join it. A skilled mobile app developer can build a very good queue management system or token/ticket system, which can easily handle OPD queues. Android app development and iOS app development also include the timing and countdown timers feature. Easy and time-saving, isn’t it?

4. Repeat the prescription service

A repeat prescription is a very easy requirement. This requires no consultation. All it needs is a doctor’s approval and the on-demand Doctor App features such a prescription request. It literally saves a GP visit. So, once again, it saves a lot of time, money, and effort.

5. Distribution of medicines

All apps are now location-aware, and the on-demand doctor app is no exception. So using this location data, an excellent mobile app developer can add a feature so that the nearest registered pharmacies can tell you the need for medication as soon as the prescription is produced. Any pharmacy is ready to deliver, it accepts a prescription request, and, like an on-demand food delivery app, prescription drugs are delivered to patients’ doorsteps.

6. Database on fingerprints

Database Master is the key to everything in this IT era. All businesses need a lot of data. Filing Healthcare and Wellness is no exception. A single person’s health data contains several pages: family history, vaccine history, health records, allergy records, consultation records, transcripts, prescriptions, medical research reports, x-rays, ECGs, and everything. No one can carry all these records with him. It is only wise to store them digitally so that anyone can access them from anywhere.

The on-demand doctor app has features for database management and search. This way it saves time, money, and effort.

Technology has been invented to save more time and in the case of the On-Demand Doctor App. Using this app is useful for patients, doctors, healthcare workers, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories.

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