Real estate agents work a lot of hours in order to close sales. When speaking about real estate agents people might imagine sharply dressed individuals walking potential clients through houses and condos. But before any actual contact is made, a real estate agent has to engage any potential client via telephone. And this can take up some serious time out of his already busy schedule. This is why some real estate companies have started using an auto dialer for real estate agents. As in any sales related field this comes in handy when having to go through endless lists of contacts and time is of the essence. But deciding which auto dialer is the best auto dialer for real estate is a whole other matter.

How Can An Auto Dialer For Real Estate Agents Help Them Sell More?

Most real estate agents spend a considerable amount of their time engaged in telephone calls with prospective leads. This does not mean that necessarily every call is a sure fire sale. Also, calling a lead does not mean that he will answer and this just means that the real estate agent lost some valuable time that he will not be able to get back. This doesn’t have to be this way. Real estate agents, just like all the people that work in sales, can benefit from an auto dialer app in order to get through to more leads and thusly increasing the odds of making sales. But firstly one should understand what is an auto dialer for real estate agents and how does it work.

Any given agent calls an average of 30 leads per hour on any given day. By using an auto dialer that number can increase exponentially because the auto dialer does the work of actually dialing and waiting for the lead to pick up for you. This means that the time you or anyone on your team would spend looking up the number, dialing it, waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for the lead to answer and taking the decision to hang up if he doesn’t can now be used for something else. Engaging leads via telephone can be stressful at times but using an auto dialer can take some of the pressure off of you and your team.

Some of the main advantages of using a phone dialer:
• Not wasting your time doing menial work such as actually dialing phone numbers all day, thus reducing stress and avoiding the burn-out syndrome.
• Using pre-recorded messages in order to engage the lead until the first agent is available or at least to let the lead know that he has been contacted.
• When going through big lists of numbers, the time saved from dialing, waiting and hanging up before dialing again becomes very precious.
• You can go through bigger lists which means that more people can be engaged and thusly increasing your chances of making sales.

An auto dialer for real estate agents can really come in helpful when you and your team are going through a large list, but if that time you saved is then wasted on doing various tasks such as filling out sheets with client info or excels, than that time hasn’t been saved at all. What any real estate company should look for is an auto dialer that keeps track of conversations and then automatically creates the profile of each client. Also, auto dialers can come in handy when looking for a solid follow up system. This kind of system tells the agent when it’s time to get in touch with a certain lead again using text messaging.

Also, texting and e-mailing can be used in order to follow up with leads. Some leads even prefer this to an actual phone call and also a real estate agent can even find out more info using this method and even reach more leads. But before making your follow up plan, an auto dialer is the way to go, because nothing says sales as a personal approach.

Also, scientific studies conducted by Professor Oldroyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology show that calling a lead on certain days and at certain hours can prove more productive. He established that the best days to call leads in order to try and engage them are Wednesday and Thursday. Also, the best time of the day to do so is between 8-9 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. Now imagine having over 200 leads you need to contact in that given interval. An auto dialer sure sounds like good idea just about now.

What to Look for In the Best Auto Dialer for Real Estate

The most important thing to look at when searching for the best auto dialer for real estate and companies is the user interface. Having a user-friendly software makes your job easier. It also helps when you have a team working with you and you all have to coordinate in order to get the best results. But user interface isn’t the only thing you should look for in an auto dialer. There are many more features the software should have in order to make it the right one for you. it all depends on what you are looking for in such an app, but a few popular choices include:
• Texting capabilities. Although you are in the market for something that makes phones ring and gest people to talk to one another, times have changed and you need to change with them. Texting has become the norm nowadays and having such options on your auto dialer is very convenient. Plus, it helps the app create a more detailed profile of each lead.
• Call recording capabilities. This is important in order to help sales agents understand leads better and thus promote the right services. Recorded calls can also be used as training materials for new agents and in order to create specific scripts or text messages to be used.
• Ready-made Lists. Some dialers may come with pre-made lists that you can use in order to get you started. Once you begin calling leads of your own, you can add to those lists or create new ones.
• Pre-recorded messages. This is an auto dialer must have. Even though the lead didn’t pick up this time, you can always leave a message on his machine and let him know that he was contacted.
• Caller ID feature. Some dialers may allow an agent to change his area code in order to more easily engage with the lead.