If you think about it, lenders, or loan officers, are just another kind of sales people. Their job is to get as many clients, called borrowers, matched with the right kind of loan for their needs. But this can be difficult sometimes. Establishing contact with the client isn’t as easy in this line of work as it is in other. You have to build the clients trust in you and then attempt a relationship. This is why, in such situations, a mortgage leads CRM solution is needed. Also, it doesn’t hurt to use a HubSpot auto dialer just to keep in touch easier with potential clients and long term customers.

How Do Mortgage Leads CRM Work

Everyone in the sales industry knows that CRM means Customer Relationship Manager. But when it comes down to it, how many understand what kind of customers is the software designed to manage a relationship with? For example, people looking for a mortgage are a very special kind of customers. Getting a mortgage is usually the biggest and hardest financial decision anyone will have to make. And that is why this decision should not be taken lightly by any of the parts involved. Firstly, the borrower is looking for somebody they can trust. That trust should be based on some serious expertise in the field. This is the only way a borrower and a lender can engage in a relationship. And this is why a generic CRM simply just won’t do. This is also why, over the years, developers have come up with a series of mortgage leads CRM software in order to respond to specific demands of the mortgage seeking customer and help lenders build a relationship with them.

This type of CRM solution offers loan officers the necessary tools to engage with more borrowers and instill trust in them. Also, this type of CRM software comes with a few extra features specifically designed to be used in such situations. Firstly, the software makes it easier for the lender to have all the information on the client in one place, including payment history, personal details and so on and so forth. Also, the software simplifies the process of giving out a mortgage so that it is a lot less stressful activity for both parties.

Another feature of the mortgage leads CRM is that it cuts the overhead costs of communications. Most CRM platforms come with various methods of keeping in touch with the leads. This includes chat, e-mail, SMS and even social media messaging. This is a feature anyone looking for a mortgage CRM solution should consider before purchasing any plan. This feature also helps the loan officer keep in touch with not just leads but prospects, clients and even other people involved in the process of giving out a mortgage. Also, this tool helps loaners save incredible amounts of time by having pre-drawn messages for various people for various situations.

This software is also the best solution with managers wanting to know what their loan officers are doing. Detailed reports are just waiting at their fingertips. Also, managers can get full 360 degrees views on what different borrowers are doing by having unrestricted access to entire archives of documents.

Lenders already have enough on their plate. This is why this type of mortgage CRM software comes in very handy when juggling several tasks at once. The software takes some of the weight off of their shoulders by automatizing client-related e-mails. This might not seem as much, but any good loan officer knows that it is very important to take care of leads so they will take care of you in the long run. So it doesn’t hurt to shoot out a “Happy birthday!” e-mail once in a while to your borrowers. Using the CRM specially designed functions for sending out celebratory e-mails the lender is happy that some of his work is being done while he can take care of other business. The borrower is also happy because he can see he hasn’t been forgotten and everybody can go about their day.

But mortgage CRM solutions aren’t used just for sending happy birthday messages out. They can do a lot of things that greatly improve the relationship between the client and the lender and streamlines the processes that would normally take hours or even days. After all is said and done, a mortgage leads CRM is quite the powerful and useful tool to have around. It makes everybody’s work easier.

How to Use Hubspot Auto Dialer in Order to Get More Mortgage Leads

The Hubspot auto dialer is one of the best on the market. That’s because HubSpot itself is the best CRM solution on the market. One of the biggest advantages of it is that it is free to use. This really comes in handy when dealing with a small company that wants to expand and develop and might need that little extra help from somewhere. But the software isn’t just for small businesses. The other great thing about HubSpot is that it is fully scalable to any size company out there. That includes banks and other types of financial and non-financial institutions giving out mortgage loans.

The true beauty of the HubSpot auto dialer is what it is capable of doing. Firstly, it is fully customizable in regards of lead prioritization. That means that you, or any member of your team, can line up a day’s worth of calls in just a few minutes using the powerful intuitive structure of the dialer. Personalized automated messages can be set up for the leads that don’t pick up their phones and every conversation is fully recorded and the important lead data is extracted in real time, creating complete profiles for each and every one of them.

This auto dialer is a lenders dream because it is so powerful and comes with several time saving features. For instance, follow-up messages can be set-up and sent with only a few clicks of a button. Scared of not getting in touch with a lead on time to remind him of his due date? Don’t worry about it. Text messages and even e-mails can be sent with the help of the platform so that nobody loses touch with anybody. When push comes to shove, this is the auto dialer you’d want your team working with.