In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, online learning platforms are experiencing an unprecedented surge. Schools and colleges have been closed indefinitely to contain disease transmission. As a result of this, as many as 1.2 billion students are deprived of their basic education they are bound to receive. As a means of improving knowledge, students are approaching these elearning apps. Entrepreneurs, too, have identified the flourishing market and have begun to invest in developing an elearning app like Udemy. But for any business owner, revenue generation is primary. In this blog, let’s take a look at the different ways of revenue generation through an Udemy clone app, 

  • Revenue through Primary courses: In your elearning app, you can provide exclusive courses to students in need. Students can enroll in these unique courses by paying a certain amount of money. You can customize different prices for different courses. This adds to a steady source of revenue generation through the app. 
  • Revenue through paid commissions: Your app connects instructors all across the world with students in need. As a result, for every payment made through the app for the instructor, you receive a part of the payment as paid commissions. This way, you can generate revenue from every course offered through the app. 
  • Revenue through subscriptions: Another prominent way of earning income is through subscription models. Students can unlock the premium version of the app offering enticing benefits to them by paying a certain amount of money. Some of the benefits of unlocking the premium version include 24x7 access to tutors, discount on courses, etc. 
  • Revenue through ads: As a business owner, you can advertise third-party brands of your peers in the app. By displaying such ads for a specific time, you can generate revenue through the app. 

Bottom line, 

With so many ways of revenue generation, entrepreneurs needn’t have second thoughts about venturing into the market. Instead of developing an app from scratch, you can approach app development companies for clone apps. With clone apps, you can venture into the market instantly. What are you waiting for? Get your Udemy clone script and help millions of students in need of education!