The on-demand apps are acting as one-stop destinations to people nowadays. The hotel booking industry, too, is not an exception to the above statement. Tourists and travelers are finding hotel booking apps convenient and reliable. They can book hotel rooms any time of their choice with a few taps on their smartphones. Various app development companies are coming up with innovative business models for the online hotel booking industry. You can compare and analyze different hotel booking scripts to identify what suits you best. However, there are certain stand-apart business models worth considering in hotel booking scripts. Now, let me share with you some key business models that can aid in the innovation of the script and enhance your business in the hotel booking industry. 

  • Aggregator model: This type of model connects users with different hotel rooms across the locality. Whenever users book the hotel via the app, a commission is generated. This type of model is innovative and cost-effective, as well. 
  • Advertising model: This type of model is much simpler when compared to the former type. Here, revenue is generated each time users click on the respective hotel ads posted in the app. They are directed to the hotel booking site instantly. All you have to do is to promote different hotels in your app. 
  • Merchant model: In this model, business owners can sign contracts with hotel owners. Users book the hotels only through the app, and it is the sole responsibility of the app owner to offer services to users. This type of model, though tedious, if implemented, can generate a lot of income. 

Of the three business models, the merchant model is highly preferred as it helps in increased revenue generation through the app. As Oyo rooms fall under the merchant model, you can approach companies for Oyo rooms clone script. Analyzing and comparing different scripts can help you identify the best script that suits you.