The on-demand logistics app picks up goods from user locations and delivers them to final destinations without any hassles. It provides timely service, and users can also track the goods using the real-time tracking feature. The on-demand logistics app has three separate apps for the users' convenience and comfort. Each app has features to suit its users.

Features of customer application

  • Set pickup & drop location
  • Push notifications
  • Send request
  • Online payments
  • Locate drivers
  • Check history
  • Give reviews & ratings
  • Get insurance

Features of Admin application

  • Dashboard management
  • Manage drivers
  • Manage customers
  • Accept / Reject review requests
  • Allocate tasks for the care team
  • Manage wages & commissions
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Fuel use verification
  • Vehicle management
  • Weekly generation & statement reports

Features of the Driver application

  • Accept and cancel orders
  • View daily & weekly earnings
  • Check order history
  • Change of availability status
  • Receive payment


Factors to be considered while developing packers and movers application

  • The first thing, the app must have is an effective vehicle transportation tracking system. GPS assists applications to help users and keeps them updated with the location of the vehicle.
  • Another essential feature is providing offers and discounts to users regularly. 
  • The admin should send an online invoice to the users after every transaction.
  •  Alerts should be sent to the users at every stage of the order processing.
  • Another crucial aspect of packers and movers shifting services is the calculation of tariffs. The mobile application must assist services in calculating tariff fees.
  • The drivers' app must provide information about the number of trips traveled.
  • The on-demand truck booking app must support multiple payment modes so that the users can choose the option they prefer.



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