The hotel booking industry has seen a significant change ever since the advent of on-demand apps. These on-demand apps fueled by the internet facilities have made it easier for travelers and tourists to book hotel rooms according to their convenience. One major app that has attracted customers rapidly is the Airbnb for hotel booking services. It is a wise decision made by you to venture into the vastly expanding market of the on demand rental app. Now, let me share with you certain business ideas that can come in handy and can help you gain increased profits.

Since Airbnb has been so popular in the market, you can use the base idea of Airbnb to offer varied services to people in need. Some of the services can be, 

Airbnb for Cars:
 People visiting certain regions need cars to stroll around the area. They find taxi services boring and costly, as well. As a result, you can join hands with car rental providers to provide users with cars for the transit. This can be an ideal start to your online rental business.

Airbnb for Parking:
 Finding parking for two-wheelers and cars can be a tedious process. As a result, you can provide parking space to users who reserve it online. This greatly conserves time and can be a profitable business venture, as well.

Airbnb for Boats: People do not know how to access boats for sailing. As a result, you can provide an app that lets them book boats for fishing, cruising, party, etc. This way, you can easily attract users towards your app and can offer them a fun-filled experience, gaining revenue simultaneously.

These are some of the most popular business ideas that are about to rule the industry within a short span. With an Airbnb for business, you can increase your revenue and thrive in the flourishing market.