A PhiContour treatment

Permanent Makeup

PhiContour is a Fine of pigmented lesions clearance of method, because very fine needles, color pigments into the upper layer of the skin are introduced. Our technically innovative Geräte ermöadjusted to us, the Präcision, which protects your skin and also sensitive areas like eyes and lips, to treat easily lässt.

Our goal: your Ausdrucksst—to emphasize strength, without unnatünatural Make-Up effect

The heißt, we work strictly according to "aesthetic rules of style and always fits your type. We are committed to high quality—tsmaßstäbe, as our experience shows.

höhighest quality—tsanspr–chen comply with our pigment colors, they have a high opacity, excellent Stabilität, are dermatologically tested and very good compatibility—to make possible. The große color palette köcan we exactly to your persöpersonal Wünsche respond. And through our various Möpossibilities. we can create very specific results.

After we have our complete Permanent Makeup treatment, you will be of your sparkling eyes and sensual lips excited and long to benefit from it.


By the skilful, natürlich-acting stressing your eyes you have a powerful effect on your Againstüber. With your Permanent Make-Up für Eyeliner your eyes will be highlighted wonderfully, emphasized and appear very bright.

we achieve This through the precise drawing of your Eyeliner or lash line.

A lash compression l—not sst's rays, your eyes, your lashes will appear dense and volumisingöser. For this reason, compaction is the optimum ErgäSupplement to the eyeliner.

Also, the color köcan you individually, w—miss. Colored Eyeliner verstäenhance the expression and conjure up a visual Lifting, even in the case of drooping eyelids.

From these effects, you will benefit permanently. Sports, Swimming and in the Sauna.

it is Particularly recommended to a Permanent Make-Up eye songs für Brillentr—to coagulate, and für women who do a lot of sports. Also due to allergic reactions to herköconventional cosmetic products, many women dafü decide;r.


Due to the emphasis on your lip in conjunction with a 3D full-lip shading, you draw even more attention. A Permanent Makeup for your lips, nat–and, of course, but perfectly formed and full and sensual, looks,

to This end, we will correct your lip shape and accentuate your lips heart or enlargedößern to small lips. Subsequent end the Hautfl—che between a contour and its own lips with their type, shade llt by means of a special shading technique, gefü.

The choice of the individual type matching color revitalizes the lips in an impressive way. According to your persöpersonal style and habits, we develop the matching lip with the Wow effect.

Also, an asymmetrical shape or hängende mouth köwe can significantly improve. We also achieve a reconstruction of their lips according to your individual W–desirable.

to recommend

Particularly a Permanent Make-Up lip für people with non-ideal shaped or thin lips, or weak, or missing color pigments and scarred lips.

your Team from the PhiAcademy

We are particularly.

We take the außexceptional to bring similar a lot of time to your Wünsche with our Expertise together. Because it is only through in-depth consultation and conversation—che, we come to the end of your treatment to a perfect result – just like you it trees be income"!

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