The intraoral camera is one of the essential tools that leading dentists use in their practice. However, the procedure of choosing the best one can be overwhelming because of the many options in the market. In this article, we shall take an in-depth look at the features of an excellent intraoral camera. Use this article as a benchmark for selecting the best product in the market.

The Sharpness of Camera Image

Your diagnosis will be easier if the intraoral camera delivers laser-sharp images. Quality intraoral cameras have high-resolution cameras that allow them to take quality images. Such pictures are bright, sharp, and display perfectly on a larger screen. This is in contrast to the low-quality models that deliver low-quality images that look blurred and makes diagnosis unnecessarily challenging. So, you should select a model that has a high-resolution camera.

Other features that enhance the quality of the intraoral camera images are auto illumination and white balance function. With these features, a camera can still deliver quality images when the lighting is dim.

The Quality of Technical Support

Although the need for quality technical support is not easily apparent, it would soon become obvious when there are technical glitches with the equipment during installation or operations. Your clinic would be in a dilemma is support is not available from the manufacturer. Therefore, you should select a product from a company that offers active technical support in your area.

The Type of Capture Button

Since the intraoral camera will be used inside the patient’s mouth, a good product must have features for accessibility. So, watch out for the positioning of the capture button of the camera. The operator should be able to capture images without hassles. Some products use a swipe function instead of a capture button. Such products are excellent because capture buttons move slightly when pressed and may cause the image to blur. Make sure the intraoral camera you choose is easy to operate, preferably with a feature that allows the user to capture images easily.

The Design Material

Although the materials used for the intraoral camera chassis design does not affect the quality of image output, it can be a vital factor that enhances durability. For instance, a chassis made with durable alloy metal will be stronger than plastic. The weight of the product is also essential. A lightweight intraoral camera will be easier to use.

The Warranty

Intraoral cameras are quite expensive. That is one good reason why you should ensure the product your purchase is backed by a valid manufacturer’s warranty. Most products offer a warranty that covers factory defects and other damages. This means that the manufacturer would handle the defect repairs as long as the warranty lasts. It is advisable to take advantage of an extended warranty if the offer is available.

A Final Note

You should make your due diligence before purchasing an intraoral camera. This approach will help you choose a product that gives you the best value for your money. Need more information about intraoral cameras? Check Boom! Supplies for more tips.