10 Sensible Survival Tips When You Both Work From Home

For millions of Filipinos and Nicaraguans, working from home for the first time means getting used to being around a new office mate: their significant other. Even the closest of couples have to adjust to the professional personas of their partner.

Because sharing close quarters for long periods of time can drive anyone up the wall too.

Sure, it might be fun in the beginning as you enjoy lunch and dinner dates minus the commute. Those who aren’t used to being in each other’s presence all day may eventually struggle with the differences in working styles though.

People say that moving in together either solidifies or kills relationships, after all. The same is said of working from home together. What comes out of the change in situation depends on how much you’re willing to compromise and manage your expectations.

How to Survive Working from Home Together

Before you take that step with your beloved, pay heed to the following tips to ensure that your relationship will survive the new experience—and even grow stronger!

Most of the time you love them but sometimes you want to put them in a chokehold

Give each other space

Now that you have the chance to spend every waking minute together, it doesn’t mean you should. The idea of playing footsie under the dining room table sounds romantic but it isn’t conducive for working.

For best results, have separate spaces where you can focus on your individual tasks and enjoy some privacy for video meetings or voice calls.

Set your boundaries

Be clear with each other as to how your schedules and priorities differ. Don’t expect your partner to know everything that has to do with your job. Inform them what needs to happen for you to have a productive workday, including your thoughts about being interrupted.

Dogs not allowed on the bed; partner not allowed in home office before 5 pm

Establish a break time

Are you the type of person who forgets to eat when you’re extremely busy? If not, maybe your significant other is. The good news is that you are able to monitor each other now that you are both home-based.

Break this bad habit of skipping meals by setting a lunch hour and eating together. Determine who’ll do the cooking or ordering for every day of the week too.

Respect their timetable

One of the most important concerns to tackle is finding out when would be the ideal time to wake up. They might be a night owl or have a graveyard shift but you might prefer early mornings.

If that’s the case, let them sleep in instead of forcing them to have breakfast or to exercise with you. Work out who gets to use the shower on certain times of the day as well.

Become their sounding board

Regardless if you’re employed in vastly different industries or the exact same field, it always helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of or to talk about a difficult problem with. Be someone they can brainstorm possible solutions with and give them moral support then request the same.

Perhaps you can thank them by helping out with their household chores the next day.

Show them your support and vice versa

Discuss caregiving responsibilities

Maybe you have a few pets, a small child, or ageing parents who need your help on a regular basis. It’s crucial that you behave as a unit when handling these responsibilities.

Take turns in putting the kids to sleep or giving grandpa his medicine. This prevents either of you from feeling overburdened with things to do.

Have your own equipment

Splitting time on a single desktop is hard! Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to use the computer because whatever task your partner is tackling is more urgent.

So buy your own PC or laptop, as well as any peripherals such as headphones and external hard drives. It’s costly but worth sparing your relationship from fights about must-have work gear.

Some days are rough when working from home but don’t take it out on your partner

Have an end to your day

Remote work blurs the lines between home and office because all are occurring in the same setting. When you’re having a rough day at work, it’s easy to carry over the anger and doubts when you’re preparing dinner.

It’s important that you log out of not only your account but also your professional persona when the day is over so you can focus on your loved ones.

Join a coworking space

You don’t have to literally work from your home all the time. Plus, it’s nice to be able to get out and expand your network every now and then. Most major cities in the Philippines and Nicaragua have these rental offices that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Note that there are pros and cons to joining a coworking space but you’ll see that they’re worth a try.

Make time for each other

Although you’re seeing each other more than other couples do, you still need to set aside quality time with each other. Go out on a romantic date once a month. Watch movies on your days off.

Simply set a time when neither of you are thinking about the next task on your to-do list.

Are You Both Ready to Work from Home?

Having two professionals working remotely in the same place for hours on end sounds good on paper. While it’s a great way to achieve better work-life balance, it requires both to make sacrifices. You ultimately have to be mindful of the other person more than you would a regular coworker.

If you think your relationship can survive having both of you working remotely, make the necessary preparations as early as possible, especially when you’re still at the job-seeking stage. We at Remote Workmate would be more than happy to assist you both with finding work you may be qualified for.

Get ready to work from home together.
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