Vedic astrology remedies can help you realize the function and influence the planets of the solar system have had on you and your personality; planets have been known to govern the signs of the zodiac in addition to other astrological components that only the astrological chart can collect and clarify.
The planets or Graha signify the celestial spirit in every person, based on Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter also called Guru is the one that governs luck and cash, sunlight or emotions appear, Mars or mangal, the vitality and endeavors, because of this, the astrological chart is the ideal instrument to know at what period the energies of these planets pass our signals and in what way we have to perform a certain activity to ensure their influence is greater or lesser on us.

These Vedic rituals are simple. Still, they must be carried out by a learned pandit in this area of knowledge, he just needs your data of the day, time and location of birth, because this helps him to make a map in which the destination is shown and shows him possible approaches to find spiritual enlightenment.
According to Hinduism, we deliver past life threatening depending on the good and bad activities which have been carried out, and that which was not resolved in previous lives, we have to solve them in this one.

For this reason, Indian astrology remedies seek to help modify destiny together with the vibrations of the planet and gems or stones, assisting with tools such as meditation, healthy eating, and distinct rituals like puja or pooja.
Therefore, in most temples, Homa and Puja services are carried out that assist heals karmas and cleanse chakras with the help of prayer to the various deities and with a guided meditation.
All to help us alter and change our inner energies while trying to balance our drives together with the awakening of awareness about us, temperament, and also the influence that each of its components has in our life.

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