Coin flipping- Our daily activity

Beyond all these factors certain kinds of people are found in the society where for each and everything they seek others’ opinions. Irrespective of quitting a job or getting engaged or divorce, even for the daily activity they would like to get some acknowledgment through some kind of external activity. To make it very simple people make use of the concept called flip a coin. We have to decide how this kind of heads or tails action takes place in our life because for significant things in our life we cannot rely on coin flip whereas for the daily routine flipping a coin of toss flipping is not a big deal.

We are stuck with major life decisions and we have to move towards decision making. Few say that decision making can be counted on a coin toss. It’s really action-oriented since you have the conformity as well as the satisfaction that you are making your own decisions by relying on your own self. We do not want to depend on anybody whereas if we flip a coin and if you get the desired action that we had already dreamt about or thought about then there we have the exact result.