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Step by Step Guide to Import AOL Messages and Contacts Into Gmail

You can switch the AOL Mail to Gmail and take the messages, folders, as well as contacts with you. The process is quite easy to copy all the archived as well as inbox messages into Gmail from the AOL Mail. Here are the simple steps to Import AOL Messages and Contacts into Gmail as follows:

• The first thing that you need to do is to copy all the messages which you want to import. Make sure that the Messages in Drafts and Spam folders are not imported.

• Then you can log in to the Gmail account.

• Choose the Settings gear in the Gmail.

• In the next step, choose the Settings in the menu.

• Now choose the Accounts and Import tab.

• Choose the option Import mail as well as contacts. In case, you have already imported mail, choose Import from another address. You will see that the Import dialog box will open.

• You can now Enter the AOL Email address.

• Then click on the continue button.

• To proceed Enter the AOL Mail password under the Enter the password option.

• Click on Continue.

• Ensure that the Import contacts, as well as Import mail, are selected. To get messages that you receive at the AOL account automatically copied to the Gmail inbox for a month, then choose the option Import new mail for the coming 30 days.

• Finally, choose the option Start import and then tap on the OK button when it is done.

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