Custom t-shirt design has been a trend for quite a long now and many companies and businesses use custom printed t-shirts for their marketing campaigns or as uniforms. A customized t-shirt has a number of different benefits and when used the right way it can help spread the word about your business as well.

Now, when it comes to custom t-shirt printing in Denver there are a couple of methods used. Some printing methods are best suited for certain fabrics while some are not, some printing techniques are used when you need to print a large volume of garments while some are used when there is a small scale production. With so many different printing styles available, it may become a little difficult to choose the right printing technique for you. But once you know about the various printing methods in detail, you can make an informed decision.


Screen printing

This is the most popular and widely used printing technique for personalized t-shirts. This technique is mostly used for bulk production and involves a screen to ink the garments. In this method, a stencil is set up, which is held together by a nylon mesh. The ink is then passed through the screen which allows the exact replication of the design on the t-shirt. Screen printing is used for high-quality products and this method guarantees exact replication. Screen printing, however, is not suitable for highly complex designs.


Heat press printing

This is an economical printing method and is done for small scale production of customized t-shirts. Heat pressing is done with the aid of a special type of paper called the transfer paper and it saves both time and money. In this process, heat, and pressure we applied to a heat transfer vinyl and it is done until the dye softens and gets on the cloth. Heat and press method is also an ideal choice if you want to print some complex designs on your t-shirt.


Vinyl cutting

This is a type of vinyl printing in Denver which uses a heat press to transfer the design into the garment. In this method, soft vinyl materials are cut into the required design and shapes, which is then transferred to the shirt by the means of a heat press. This method is ideal for creating a one-off design and not a large number of products. Vinyl cutting machines are used to cut the vinyl into the designs and it also gives the option to use multiple layers to print a design in different colors. Although not usually used on a large scale, this method is chosen for the production of slogan and small graphics and at times for designing sportswear.


Direct to garment printing

This is another popular method of printing custom designs on t-shirts. The printing is done with the help of a textile printer and ink and you can also do this yourself, however, you need to have the required knowledge and skill. The working principle is the same as the office printer, the only difference is that the ink here transfers to the cloth and not paper. The design to be printed is first uploaded on a computer and then recreated on the garment. This is also a good choice if your design is complex and the ink also does not leave any extra-thick layers on the garment, leaving the design smooth to touch.


Dye sublimation

This process is quite similar to the heat press method and is used for custom t-shirt printing in Denver for polyester like fabrics. The method is most favorable for light color fabrics. A special type of dye is used for printing the design, which is then allowed to try. The dye dries quickly on polyester like fabrics and once completely dried it solidifies on the fabric completely. Heat and pressure are then applied to complete the sublimation process. This method is not suitable for complex designs but the end result is often durable.