When we are healthy, the world seems more beautiful and problems are easier to solve. However, even the slightest infection makes us feel much worse, we become less active and normal functioning is not an option at all. We have no choice but to stay at home and take medicines.

Disease is a difficult time for many people, but children experience the worst. Worse than adults, they cope with suffering, pain or fever, they need constant care because they cannot help themselves. Besides, a child's illness, especially one that lasts several weeks, has other consequences. Parents often have to take a break from work and the child has a serious learning backlog. The older the child gets sick, the worse it gets because the amount of material to be controlled increases with age.

A serious illness often results in the child being unable to catch up even at home because he or she has no strength to do so. Only when the weakness passes and the child feels better will he or she be able to sit down to rewrite lessons. Unfortunately, sometimes the child will not be able to learn so much knowledge on its own and we will not be able to pass it on well.

In such a situation tutoring is necessary, i.e. additional lessons given by different people - former teachers, students, and even high school students. A child who has not managed to make up for all the material after his or her illness and does not understand any issues is often made a laughing stock and criticized by his or her peers. In order to spare him/her this suffering, it is better to invest money in compensatory activities, which are sometimes not offered by schools but by individuals.

If we want to make these extra hours enjoyable for the child, we should also invest in appropriate school aids to make learning not so tiring. It would be a good idea to have interactive learning programmes that help your child learn through play. Lagging behind in school is a serious problem for every child, so let's do everything we can to help them through these difficult moments.