Amazon Clone is an incredible multi-vendor e-Commerce script which highly benefits the startups and entrepreneurs to set up their own multi-vendor eCommerce website or app similar to Amazon. Being one of the largest online marketplace, Amazon attains a big win in online venture. In amazon, the products are sold from their independent vendors as well as their own warehouse. 

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an astonishing online marketplace which acts as an intermediary platform between billions of buyers and sellers for the smooth buying and selling of various products as well as services among them. Recently they launched the Amazon marketplace where they offer products from third-party vendors which can be fulfilled by either Amazon or the vendors themselves.

How Amazon clone benefits your business?

Customizable - One of the incredible advantage of amazon clone compared to other multi vendor e-commerce is that this script enables the business owner quick and simple facing facade customization to develop the best design of your e-commerce website

Reduced long-term costing – There is no need to pay on expensive shop premises, insurance, sales staff, maintenance starting from cleaning shop till depositing money in to the bank by using Amazon clone.


Business 24*7 : With Amazon clone you can maintain automated order and payment processing, sales can be made at any time, and customers can buy when it suits them.

Wider customer base – Products from your shop can be sold to the customers worldwide not only in the limited area or the premises where your shop is being located by Amazon clone.

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Immense victory of Amazon navigates several entrepreneurs and enterprises to turn towards the Amazon clone script. To fulfill their desire and demand of them, we at MacAndro, a leading multi-vendor e-commerce script provider offer feature rich and high performing Amazon clone to kick-start their own multi-vendor marketplace website similar to Amazon with our best Amazon Clone script.

Our Amazon clone will help you build your own online marketplace. It is an open-source multi-vendor shopping cart software that supports a single storefront with multiple sellers.