Nativz, a top-rated digital agency in Dallas, TX, has been recognized as a leader in digital marketing and big data analytics in a new report by DesignRush, ranking first in both categories.

Marrying data science with digital marketing expertise, in just three years this generalist marketing agency has delivered over 350 projects for B2B and B2C clients across 70 industry verticals.

In addition to their outstanding results, the agency earned the accolades thanks to their network of data scientist who build attribution, i.e. return on ad spend (ROAS), models to help clients measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and justify their investments martech news.

Nativz CEO Cole Feigl credits the agency’s success to their commitment to data as both the foundation of strategy and of client relationships.

“At Nativz, we say content is king, but data is queen,” said Feigl. “Strategic use of data is what allows for highly targeted, localized-level marketing activities. We call ourselves the ‘Army of Nerds’ because we leverage this data to help clients dominate and navigate the ever-changing online world of advertising.”

Tapping into the power of data, the agency’s “Army of Nerds” have managed over USD 2 million in clients’ ad spend, as well as built high-performing marketing strategies, including viral content.

Nativz actively manages a total of over 1.3 million followers on Instagram in the niche industry of the Aquarist hobby alone, and has produced one of the most successful posts in Instagram’s history – one that has collected 3.5 million impressions and over 100K likes.

Commenting on the key to a successful -and even viral- strategy, Feigl highlighted “personalization”.

“Personalized content is what separates good digital marketers from great digital marketers that consistently produce viral ads and posts,” he concluded.