Nowadays almost all of us own at least one mobile phone. The compact little thing can hold so much information that we can accomplice plenty of things with it. So it’s not a surprise that the mobile app development industry is more popular and effective than the website development industry. Albeit, there are some features and criteria that web sites can fulfill, and mobile apps cannot, still, there are other areas where mobile apps conquer web sites easily. Let’s find out why mobile apps are preferred over web sites in some app development fields.

Handy and Easy to Use

No matter how easy it is to find desktop computers these days, they just cannot win over the compactness that comes with the relatively tiny mobile phones. You cannot carry your desktop or even laptop everywhere, but you certainly can take your mobile phone in your pocket or purse wherever you go. It is far better and efficient to use the mobile app whenever you want instead of waiting to go to your desktop to use the app. It’s one of the major reasons why mobile app development is more convenient when comes to easy handling factor.

You can use a mobile app from anywhere, and since it’s a small device, it’s a lot better to use an app in it than using it on a desktop.

Simple Layout

One of the basic principles of creating mobile apps that mobile app developers take into consideration is to make a simple layout of an app so everyone can use it easily. That is sometimes a major drawback when it comes to web development. The simple and easy structure and layout make it easy to navigate everything in an app. It is as if everything is in your grasp, and in a way, it is. Codeware, an upstanding mobile app development company in Bangladesh always bears in mind to keep the layouts as simple as possible.

Better Customizing Offer

One of the things about web sites that always bugs me is that they are just so mainstream that the user doesn’t feel much special while using a website. But, mobile apps, on the other hand, are truly apt to make a user feel special and work on the user’s individual requirements. You can change the way you use a mobile app, but you won’t find as many options on a web site. Both iOS app development companies and Android app development companies regard user personalization as one of the main concerns.

Offers Offline Use

Mobile app development is in an advantageous situation when it comes to offline usability. Most mobile apps provide both online and offline uses for their users, so users can use the apps for various purposes even if they are not online at a particular moment. Although some apps don’t offer every feature for offline use, you can get by with the most of it.

Push Notification and Faster Updates

Mobile app developers build mobile apps by keeping the users’ needs in their mind. They prioritize the users the most by always taking their opinions into considerations. It’s not like web applications are not user friendly, but mobile app development wins by delivering push notifications to keep the user always on the loop. Also, mobile phones have faster updates that keep the app always up to date by reminding the user as soon as there is an update. It suffices to say that a website is a part and parcel of any company, but mobile apps are, at the end of the day, the users’ app. And that’s why mobile applications continue to soar higher.


As you see, mobile apps are a lot more convenient in many fields than web sites are. But let’s not draw any conclusion regarding the importance of web sites, because, there are quite numerous criteria in which web sites are more apt than mobile apps. But when it comes to better personalization, easy usability, and easy navigation system, etc. mobile apps easily win the case. And that’s why mobile app development companies in Bangladesh and all over the world are succeeding so well in the present time. But no matter which platform the developer builds his app for, he must make sure the app serves its purposes properly.