Brayden brings to you a quirky range of products to suit everyone’s need and budget. Making your favourite smoothies at home is healthier than anything, but if you don’t have the right smoothies blender then you will not be able to make a refreshing smoothie at home.There are high deals for rechargeable blender online but many of them take a couple of times making drinks before we wish our smoothies were a bit smoother. Our product White Brayden FITO RUSH Rechargeable Blender aims to enhance the experience of our customers. The product is designed to add more value and utility to our customer’s everyday life.

Brayden FITO RUSH Rechargeable blender is unique compared to other products efficiency, speed, blades, power consumption, capacity and usage. It is a portable juicer blender and can be carried anywhere you go. It can be operated with high safety as the bottle unit is securely placed to the motor unit and you need to click to start the operation of blender. It is stable and highly efficient.It has a Rechargeable battery with 4000mAh that can be charged within 4-6 hours. With single charge FITO RUSH can be used to blend up to 6 times of your favourite fruits or a shake. It is a high power blender which has two touch button to initiate TURBO6+ Blade system with 7.4v motor action operating at High RPM minces soft fruits to blend in just few minutes. Shakes with milk is even faster with this smoothie blender.  It has an aesthetic look with compact style than other brands, as it has a Pristine white body with pink or green gold trim which seems to be elegant.Matt pink flat line twist cap with carry around ring adds oomph factor. Silicon ring in the cap ensures zero spillage when you carry around the blender. It has 1year warranty and compact in size with weight less than 1KG which are convenient for travellers.

Eventually BRAYDEN FITO RUSH Rechargeable blender is unique in its own way and seemed to be the best smoothie portable blender at affordable price.

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