Making a clean-limbed engagement with clients and customers through quality communication is of high significance in business processes and adding Whatsapp button on Facebook can make a world of difference in the course. Social media is the trend of the 21st century and it has evolved to be one of the crucial participating agents in the growth and gain of commercial entities. Don’t you agree that social media platforms, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the professionals’ favorite – the LinkdIN, are worthwhile when it comes to casting impressions on buyers with service or product portfolio? 


Around 2.6 billion monthly users on Facebook and 2.7 billion monthly users sharing their minds on Whatsapp make up the figure that can simply blow business-bound inquisitive minds in the commercial landscape, particularly of those looking forward to reaching out to prospective customers without jumping through hoops. Isn’t it true that one, if plans to add Whatsapp button on Facebook, can get off the ground with his business plans and processes with access to this big user base in his kitty?  


Facebook and Whatsapp Integration – Is the game worth the Candle? 


Do you think if the game is worth the candle when it is about integrating social media into digital business processes? Experts Say – Yes, it is. Leveraging the world’s largest social media platform, i.e., Facebook and the message sharing app with the highest number of the user base, i.e., Whatsapp sit well to serve your business objectives. Integrating the social media platform and the message sharing app can do the needful to knock your business into shape. 


Don’t let your pretty little head take the stress if you’re clueless on how to add Whatsapp button on Facebook. If you are trying to harness the strength of the internet, digital world, and user base of the social media platforms to derive revenue for your business, you are taking the right foot forward to raise e hup the stake in the competitive commercial arena. But the hurdle is how to do it. Well, your concern is sorted out here – the text has the necessary guide for you to integrate the Whatapp button on your Facebook page.


Here is How You Can Add Whatsapp Button on Facebook


Facebook has already its plans on the floor to monetize the messaging app Whatsapp through ad posting. With the Whatsapp button feature on the Facebook page is another leap in the Whatsapp monetization practice by Facebook. But be reminded that the Go through the points below and take all the learning to enable Whatsapp and Facebook work in integration for the gain of your business. 


Step-1: Open the Facebook page “Setting” and find the WhatsApp tab


Login to your Facebook account as an admin and open the Facebook page. Open the “Setting” tab on Facebook. Click on the Whatsapp tab displaying on the left-hand side. 

Step 2: Add your WhatsApp phone number to Facebook Page and “send code”


Find the area code of your country and then proceed to add your WhatsApp number on the page. Make sure that the WhatsApp number you are adding is only for business communication if you don’t want your Whatsapp feed get a field with spam messages. 


Step 3: Verify the code sent to you by Facebook


After you submit the Whatsapp number, Facebook will send you a verification code. The code sent to you by Facebook will require to be filled in the given fields. 


Step 4: Proceed to add WhatsApp button on the Facebook page


Once you confirm the Whatsapp phone number and verify your account, you can proceed to add Whatsapp number on Facebook. You are left with no other step further and your Whatsapp phone number will successfully be added to the Facebook page. 


What If You Don’t have Whatsapp Number for Business Purpose?


Users must add only Whatsapp number on Facebook that is meant for business purposes – it keeps you at the safe side against spamming. But even if you don’t have a WhatsApp phone number for business purposes, you can still add the number on your Facebook to start engaging your prospective customers in quality communication. 


it’s easy and useful to add Whatsapp number on Facebookhowever, if you encounter any snag in the course, you can take consultation from social media experts to get it done appropriately. You can speak to experts on the helpline number 844-411-3453 and ask for the needful assistance from experts.