ProHapa is a completely cloud based property management software, secured in a ISO certified data center. It means your data is accessible from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Whether you are in a hotel, your home, office or sitting on the beach, you can access prohapa from any computer or mobile device. So, when your tenant submits a work order (while you’re sitting on the beach), you can quickly send the work order to your vendor and the tenant is notified that the vendor is on their way. Quick responses make the tenant happy and ultimately the owner. Without a cloud-based solution, this scenario would not take place until you returned to the office and logged into the application. If you are a property manager for multiple owners, you can quickly respond to owner’s requests as well. You don’t have to be at the office to respond. If you self-manage your own portfolio, how many times do you want to see your financials or check in on work orders or check your occupancy rate? Using your mobile phone or tablet, you can see all your stats in real-time. At a party with family or investors? Show them your properties’ performance on your smartphone in real-time. This convenience allows you to be more productive and provide better service to your tenants and owners. Another major advantage of web-based property management software is the security and protection it offers. With a web-based solution, your data is more secure than with most personal computers; both from a hacking risk as well as from hardware failures. ProHapa performs regular back-ups and the data center has redundant servers to provide 99.9% uptime.