Bakpia is a special food from the Yogyakarta area. In the past, this Bapkpia was only filled with green beans. But, getting here is adjusted to market tastes, so have the contents. such as cheese, chocolate, durian, and others.

It feel good if you bring Bapkia to Yogyakarta for family at home.

Today, Bakpia continues to develop and innovate. If bakpia used to be baked, now there is another variant, steamed bakpia with various flavors and filling as well.

For those who like originality, they definitely prefer bakpia baked cheese filling. But, children today may prefer a variety. It's okay to choose which one according to taste.

Every now and then I want to make my own bakpia at home, start looking for recipes bakpia ah in cyberspace who knows there is something suitable on the tongue.

Which bakpia do you like?