SIMON Annuities and Insurance Services LLC (“SIMON”) is pleased to introduce Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (“Allianz Life”)—a leading provider of annuities in the U.S.—to its annuities platform and digital marketplace for Raymond James wealth managers.

Expanding SIMON’s Marketplace with the onboarding of Allianz Life delivers not only a broader selection of annuities products to Raymond James advisors on SIMON’s platform, but also the depth of analytics they seek to effectively serve the wealth management and retirement needs of their clients.

Raymond James advisors can now seamlessly find and explore Allianz Life’s annuity products and features, run powerful allocation and income analytics within these products, and access product-specific marketing literature—all from directly within SIMON’s interactive platform.Fintech News

Corey Walther, President of Allianz Life Financial Services, commented: “Allianz Life is committed to helping advisors better serve their clients so they are able to attain their retirement goals. SIMON gives advisors the tools they need to help them incorporate protection and retirement income into client portfolios more effectively, leading to better outcomes.”

Jason Broder, CEO of SIMON, added: “SIMON is proud that industry leaders like Allianz Life recognize the value our platform delivers. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to supporting their annuity products with robust analytics that showcase their power as retirement savings vehicles.”

Scott Stolz, President of Raymond James Insurance Group, who has played an integral role in the SIMON Annuities roll out to all Raymond James advisors earlier this year added: “SIMON greatly simplifies all required annuity education by combining it together into a single, easy to use platform that resides on each of our advisors’ desktop. With Allianz joining the SIMON platform, our advisors now also have access to tools within the Marketplace that will help them decide which of the many potential Allianz annuity solutions will best meet their clients’ financial objectives. More importantly, we’re excited about the fact that the SIMON platform is quickly evolving into the premier annuity tool in the industry.” For more information on Raymond James, please visit

SIMON specializes in an innovative, modern approach to education and analytics for structured investment and insurance solutions, delivering end-to-end education, marketplace, and lifecycle management so advisors can help clients accomplish their life and legacy goals.