One of the most powerful professional network on the internet today, LinkedIn is used by brands as a part of their social media marketing strategies. It can drive thousands of people to the company’s website and increase brand awareness.

With more than 690 million users, LinkedIn is probably the best social platform for marketing your business. It is kind of an asset for corporate marketing teams to get genuine leads for sales. It is a perfect blend of social interaction along with a professional setting. If you have not been using it to its optimum, you are certainly missing out on opportunities to boost your company’s sales. 

Besides Instagram and Facebook, it is necessary to incorporate LinkedIn in your social media marketing campaigns.

Use the following hacks to substantially grow your business using LinkedIn’s platform.


  • Create a full-fledged LinkedIn profile

As a brand on social media, the first thing required is a fantastic profile. Sign up for a company page and upload your logo as the profile picture. Do not keep any kind of non-professional image. Set the cover picture as something that describes the products or services of your brand. In the about us section, let people know the vision, mission, achievements, and how you help your clients or customers. Enter the link to your website, add your industry, and your company type.


  • Share content that adds value

For making a presence anywhere on the internet, content is required. Not just any content, but the one that gains attention of people and provides them something valuable. When you post on LinkedIn, be industry specific. Find out the topics related to your niche and share information related to it. You can share the latest industry news, links to blog posts, tips and tricks, etc. this kind of content will draw the highest engagement levels to your post and profile. 


  • Be a part of LinkedIn groups

Search for groups that belong to your industry. Those are the places where you can go to make connections and conversations with like-minded people. In groups, you will be able to discuss about your own ideas, thoughts, ask questions to experts, and also give answers to others’ queries. Also, after being an active member for a while, you will find out potential clients and make connections with them. You just need to find the correct groups and send a request to join them.


  • Utilize the potential of LinkedIn ads

By using LinkedIn ads, you can push your posts onto an individual’s feed. The pay per click feature will enable you to target people on the basis of location, age, gender, company name, job title, industry, skills, schools, or even groups. LinkedIn also provides the feature of sponsored In-mails, which lets you send messages to people without the need of connecting to them. This is very useful when you want to send ads to a highly targeted audience.


  • Plan your post scheduling properly

Posting regularly and staying active on LinkedIn definitely requires a lot of time and energy. In order to ease your process, you can use a social media management tool. RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool which provides a LinkedIn scheduler as one of its many features. You can create a lot of content at the same time and then schedule it using the editorial calendar. This way, you can post the right content at the right time. It is also possible to target an international audience by scheduling content according to their country’s time zones.


  • Do not just post about your products 

As similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn should also be operated with the 80/20 rule. 80% of the content that you post should be informative, and the rest 20% should go for product promotion. Catch up on the latest trends and talk about them. Ask people’s opinions on matters related to your industry and express yours too. Be interactive with your audience - that is the only way you can build a reputation on the platform. 

In conclusion,

By using LinkedIn the right way, you can generate leads, meet prospective clients, and level up your overall marketing. You might also be interested in knowing about Twitter marketing, Influencer marketing, and Instagram marketing. Click here to read some tried and tested tips and tricks to grow on your social media platforms!