A website that is not visible, one that is not found by users and search engines is useless. There is no point in having such a website and it is important to understand that you need visibility so that you grow your business in the online world. Website owners that are determined to make their sites known should start by investing in a professional SEO audit service. A reliable SEO audit will assess numerous issues such as domain name, links, content, keyword optimization and others. The auditor will assess your website to see what prevents you from ranking in Google.

Why Choose SEO Audit Service?

There are numerous strategies that can be used these days to promote a website and there is an increased focus on guest posting, social media and onsite optimization. If you want to appeal to search engines, you have to appeal to your target audience. Given the fact that people worldwide use search engines for information, products and services, you need a functional, attractive website to maintain and obtain a key position in search results. Keeping your website visible and successful is not easy but it can be done with the help of a suitable SEO strategy. To create such a strategy, you should start with a professional SEO audit service.

Have you ever had your website audited? Do you know how it performs in terms of rankings, traffic, conversions? Thanks to  SEO audit service  you will be able to rely on an in-depth analysis of your website as well as of your competitors. It is important to see what your competitors are doing better than you, what opportunities you can leverage to outrank them. An audit reveals information about the existing problems, about the areas that you should optimize, the issues that impact its performance.

Website owners that invest in optimization services should not ignore the importance of a thorough audit. After all, this is the only service that allows them to see exactly where they stand. Improvements and changes to a website should be made based on accurate information and not randomly just because they assume they are for the best. An audit will offer you the guidance you need for future actions and it will help you obtain the desired results. Therefore, if you know how important professional SEO is to your online visibility, you should not hesitate to have your website audited.

When to Have SEO Audit

Ideally, audits should be performed on a regular basis to ensure your website remain in a great condition. Nonetheless, if this is a service that you cannot afford too often you should pay attention to the following symptoms that are a clear indication that your website needs an SEO audit:
• Your website gets less visitors than it used to- the metrics used by search engines to assess the quality of a website change all the time; if your website does not have any new content, relevant links, it will drop in rankings. A website with less traffic than before needs an audit to see what has changed. 
• Search engine algorithm changes- algorithms are updated regularly so that they provide more relevant results for their users. These changes can impact your website overnight and it is a good idea to have an audit to see how compatible your current SEO strategies are with the newest algorithms
• Search engines generate only a small portion of traffic- this happens when websites underperform and it is a clear indication that there is something wrong with your website. 
• Your visitors do not buy your products or services- what is the point of having lots of visitors to your website when these visits do not convert into sales? You have to see why your current SEO strategy does not work.
• Your website is not listed on the first page of Google- websites that appear on the first page of Google are more likely to be clicked on. 
• Visitors do not stay on your website- if you have a high bounce rate you have to identify its source

Website traffic stagnates- when this happens, you need to see what you should do to increase traffic and a professional  SEO audit  will put at your disposal relevant information.

What Can SEO Audit Reveal?

There are various aspects such as site navigation, mobile optimization, web designs and speed that influence the authority of your website. Nonetheless, basic aspects should not be ignored for they can hinder the performance of your website. If your website has suffered a significant drop in ranking the first thing you should do is make sure it was not penalized by Google. Websites that violate Google’s guidelines will be penalized and the following practices are likely to bring a Google penalty: keyword stuffing, artificial link building, duplicate content, duplicate metadata, thin content, canonicalization issues and others.

Thanks to an effective SEO audit, you will be able to see exactly what prevents your website from ranking the way it should. Does it have any server problems? Has it been impacted by algorithm changes? You need to know exactly what you are dealing with so that you can address the problem as soon as possible. With so many issues that can have a negative impact on your ranking, it makes sense to have your website audited so that you can rely on relevant information.

Overall, professional SEO audit service can make a huge difference as far as your website’s performance is concerned. The sooner your website is audited the faster you will receive the answers you needed to establish a future course of action. Why should you invest in optimization services blindly when you can focus on the aspects of your website that need to be improved and upgraded? Why hire optimization specialists and let them figure out what to do for your website when you can provide accurate and effective recommendations? It is entirely up to you to decide how you want to manage your website but you should ignore the importance of an audit and the great value it can bring to your search engine optimization efforts.