Canada is one of the top countries in the world which invites immigrants into the country with an interest to help the local employers fill in their job requirements. With Canada wanting to invite as many as 1 million immigrants into the country, a lot of skilled professionals have good opportunity to relocate and settle in Canada. Canada provides ample opportunities, good working space, infrastructure and great living experience for its citizens and residents. With this, Canada provides Permanent Residency for the immigrants into the country and eventually such residents are eligible for citizenship of the country. The best manner to relocate to Canada is to work with Top Immigration Consultants in India who can help the skilled immigrants achieve their dreams.  

Canada Skilled Migration program provides many pathways for skilled professionals to relocate to the country. Canada is a land of opportunities with USA currently having closed most of their immigration doorways. Canada is a stable economy along with it growing steadily. Canadian communities welcome skilled immigrants with open hands and there is an ease of acceptance readily visible there. Canada immigration is transparent and follows a stringent policy while welcoming immigrants into the country.

Canada has come up with Canada Immigration Express Entry program to help them invite the right immigrants. Express Entry system was introduced in the year 2015 as a pilot program. Because of the tremendous success of the program, it was made permanent program in the year 2017. The aspirants who intend to relocate to Canada need to create their profile in the Express Entry portal. Here they can submit their application and Expression of Interest along with the required supporting documents.

The applicants will be submitting their education credentials, experience letters, date of birth proof, language efficiency proof along with any physical document that they think will help them get through the immigration program. Along with this the applicant will have to submit their medical certificate, police certificate and other relevant documents proving his strength and stability.

Through Express Entry program, Federal Skilled professionals, federal skilled traders, Canadian express class professionals and all those who want to relocate to Provinces, can enter Canada. This portal provides the right platform for the immigrants. The profile will be ranked based on the score. The score or points will be allocated to the profile based on 5 factors which include age, education, experience, adaptability and language ability. Having a job offer also helps one to increase their score, thus increasing their rank. The top rankers will be further taken into consideration for further processing under desired programs.

Canada PNP nomination program can be utilized by all those professionals who intend to relocate to a particular province. The provinces have the right to choose the right candidates for their province and provide the required support. Once the professional is chosen for the province, he or she gets a nomination from the province. Based on this nomination, the immigrant can proceed to apply for Canada Permanent Residency. It is one of the easiest manners to relocate to Canada as the requirement to be fulfilled in this program is very less in comparison to other programs. The language benchmark set for this program is 5 each for reading, writing, listening and speaking.

It is best to relocate to Canada through an immigration agent who is experienced in the field of Immigrations and who is registered with the ICCRC. In their official website, ICCRC immigration consultants list is put up for easy access of the right immigrations. Such an immigration consultant will be the right immigration firm who can help high net-worth individuals to decide on their Canada investment Plan, as they will have good relations with the immigration authorities in Canada and would have made solid business relations with right business houses in Canada.