Tiktok the popular video uploading app usually does not get involved in the phrases related to cryptocurrencies but now it heading into it.

 DOGE coin, the kind of cryptocurrency surges up to 40% in the one week via tiktokers, The post which holds information regarding DOGE coin earns nearly 1 lakh likes and videos with DOGE hashtag also earn significant likes and shares. It raised the price for 1 Doge as 1 USD

 Business Personality started using Tiktok as the market place for cryptocurrencies other sites like google, youtube, Facebook might ban contents related to crypto market. It clearly vividly that price fixation is based on marketing technology rather than the technology used.

 Binance CEO, Popularly known as CZ, tweeted as

 Not all alts will pump during the next #altszn. If a project has been around for 3 years but not much to show for, then...

A few that have consistently pushed development will thrive.

 Thus very popular apps and industries begin to incorporate cryptocurrencies, it clearly showcases the growth and needs for cryptocurrencies in all aspects. Tiktok helped with the growth of dogecoin now and it will help to enlarge the crypto market.

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