What is Security Token Offerings?

Security Token Offering, it is like Initial Coin offering tokens for the investors, whereas sto is token of investment contract into an underlying investment asset, such as stocks, bonds, funds in blockchain platform securing the Investment contract. 

This will help your investors with secured tokens and recognize your tokens as assurance in investments. 

STO token represents the Ownership details data of the investment product, registered on a blockchain. while you invest in stock markets, ownership details are on a document and provided as a digital certificate(pdf). Same as this sto it is registered on the blockchain and issued as a token. It is a hybrid of Cryptocurrency ICO and traditional IPO methods of investment fundraising.

 What are the Eminent Features of the STO?

 Genuine Value

 Security Tokens are Real financial assets, they assign the underlying assets to the investor with the legal contract on the blockchain. security tokens may store contracts like 

  • Virtual or physical assets possession
  • Profit-sharing
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Dividend Responsibilities
  • Direct or Indirect involvement in the administration of the organization.


 STO is in contrast, it provides Tokenized Securities and follows regulations of the Crypto.

Thus traditional securities laws applicable for security tokens. This implies that an organization that issues security tokens needs to completely submissive with the security guidelines and regulations.  


 The STO owners can market their token on the exchanges, online towards any person/ organization. This may improve the valuation of resources and inspires large financial investors.

As this is on the base of the decentralization approach, the STO issuer can market their tokens to any other person without any restriction and the financial investor base will improve exponentially.


Blockchain has immutability, unique way for verifying and tracking the data, and prevents it from tampering. 

The blockchain security feature has become the ideal foundation to store the valid authorization of assets in an outspoken and secure way. It also helps in inspecting avoiding fraudulent, mispricing, exchange, and outsider control.

Process Improvement

Security tokens are a built-in Blockchain platform that allows efficient transactions within a short time. They are well secured and efficient in handling the transaction spontaneously without third party intervention on security tokens.

How STO is developed?

Security Token Creation

While creating sto tokens we analyze your business demands and factors underlying your business first. Tokens are created under legal legislations and SEC norms as per the country.  What types Token are there in STO?

 We offer 3 types of security tokens  Equity Tokens

Equity tokens in STO allow voting rights and acting as part of the organization. Each token is sponsored by the stock in your organization and has votings rights and share issuance as real investors on your company. 

Debt Token

When an investor’s assets are not being tokenized by the company, you can create a debt token with the promise of payback the debt investors. 

Reserve Assets Token

Organizations who indulge in real-world assets such as Gold can launch their STO with tokens being financed by solid assets.

Security Token Offering Services 

STO Whitepaper Development

It is a significant factor in the Token development process and We compose whitepaper to provide a distinct vision of your project to make it clear to all your investors. While you can get the authenticity of your token Label, you can provide reliable service to your investors.

Token Issuance Portal

We provide robust portal support to market your token sales with investors, you can check their KYC/AML details.to make your offering more feasible to the maximal investors.

STO Web Development Service

We Develop the STO Website for you to sell your token to the investors, easy to bid on your website. We provide exclusive landing pages to sell your tokens.

Multi-Currency Support 

We provide the investment with multiple Currency feature, that investors can buy tokens through paying all types of currency like Fiat USD, Euro, and with Digital Currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Altcoin, etc) This is indeed a feature that helps your investors a lot.

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

We provide token development for the hardback assets to assure definite ROI to the investors. This helps businesses that they do not have to sort more efforts for assets tokenization.

STO Marketing

We offer Marketing drive for your STO service, in which you can get the investors from worldwide. To get more investors for your STO.

 Having an idea of Developing Security Token Offering's, Go for Best STO Development Company.