The Global Container Networking software Market is estimated to reach $843million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 16.4% from 2020 to 2025.Container is a lightweight and portable application sandboxing mechanism on a Linux host that supports its own file system, process and network stack which are effective for broader market prospects .Container Networks are used to build applications ranging from IoT edge to planet scale distributed web applications for multinational enterprises. Container based applications are being developed and deployed in various multinational firms for communication within the networks to deliver the desired services boosting the growth of the market. Ease of application deployment, flexibility and scalability, cost effectiveness and other features are driving the growth of the market.
By Deployment- Segment Analysis 
By deployment Container Networking software Market is segmented into cloud based and on-premises. Cloud based deployment is witnessing a significant growth in Container Networking Software Market owing to its IT infrastructure protection and rising demand for cloud based container deployment in by various enterprises. Cloud Based containers are less expensive owing to the multiple cloud containers sharing the same host kernel which makes the deployment more widespread in enterprises. Cloud containers are being clustered to work as a team of micro services as they can be easily scaled by the multinational enterprises fueling the growth of cloud containers in the market.   
Application - Segment Analysis
By application the market is segmented into orchestration, cluster management services, security services, networking and data storage and others. Orchestration held the largest market share at 34.9% in 2019. Adoption of the container orchestration tools due to the rapidly growing centralization, globally is fueling the growth of the market. Furthermore Container orchestration owing to its application scalability, functionality, runtime and others are aiding the growth of the market. Orchestration platform is helping the ventures to develop industry functionality by reducing operating price and by enhancing production. Orchestration cloud and services platform are anticipated to be the top most applications adopted by the small, medium and large enterprises in the forecast period 2020-2025.

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Geography - Segment Analysis
Global Container Networking Software Market is dominated by North America by a CAGR 37.8% in 2019. North America is dominating the market owing to its large number of industry players and rapid adoption of container networking software technology by the enterprises. In North America major players are deploying container network cloud services in an enormous way for their various business applications thereby increasing the growth of the market. The demand for optimized process automation by the enterprises along with growth in demand for low cost cloud infrastructure development had driven the market in this region. Furthermore, the adoption of cloud orchestration, cluster management services, security services and others by the end user industries for better business orientation has also aided the growth of the market in this region.
Drivers – Container Networking Software Market
Increasing use of Container Networking Software in Enterprises globally:
Increasing industrialization along with increase in use of cloud networking has resulted in increase in adoption and use of container networks in the various small and large enterprises. Furthermore, Organizations are utilizing container orchestration tools  for connecting IoT services in the cloud.. The container software helps companies to build ship and run their applications anywhere. The manufactures are producing the software in sucha way that these container software are scalable in architecture, ready for the enterprises and cost effective. These features of the container networks are making them widely used by industries thereby driving the growth of the market.
Growth due the rising number of new enterprises:
The growth in the new enterprises is also contributing the rise of container networking software. New enterprises are also adopting the container network software for their growth and development. Secure communication, monitoring and logging of networks, persistent storage and handling traffic are some of the features for the adoption of the container networks by the emerging enterprises. Container networks provide cloud native computing in a very secure way along with micro services to communicate with each other in these enterprises thereby increasing the adoption and boosting the growth of the market.
Challenges – Container Networking Software Market:
The organizations deploying on-premises servers for container networking faces challenges related to the storage and complexity owing to the storage infrastructure management on their own. This cloud hinder the growth of the market.   
Deployment of cloud based container networks faces security issues within enterprises. Execution of a kernel panic or denial -of -service attack is faced by container networks which could hinder the growth of the market owing to these security issues.
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Market Landscape
Service Technology launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Container Networking Software Market are given in this report. Container Networking SoftwareMarket is dominated by major companies such as Microsoft Co., Oracle Co., Cisco systems, Nginx Inc., VmWare Inc, Midokura Co. Ltd., Cumulus Systems Pvt. Ltd., IBM, AWS, Open vSwitch. among others.
Acquisitions/Technology Launches
May 21, 2018- Docker Enterprises announced an extension in existing partnership with Tiger to integrate networking support for kubernetes in windows to cloud applications.
March 20, 2017- IBM launched Bluemix, a new container service with Kubernetes which will increase the speed and simplicity through which developers can develop secure and cognitive apps.
Key Takeaways
Surge in adoption of container networking software technology by various enterprises, rise in implementation of container networking micro -services architecture along with rise in adoption of cloud computing  technologies are driving the growth of the market..
Orchestration segment held the major share in the Container Networking Software Market in 2019 owing to its automation, management, scaling and routing the containers connected with developers and IT operating enterprises.
North America is expected to dominate the global Container Networking Software Market in the forecast period 2020-2025 owing to the rise in new enterprises along with the adoption and wide use of the container network tools.
When multiple docker hosts connect together, the container networking process becomes complicated which could hinder the growth of the market.

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