The SKS rifle is a popular model of rifle for quite a few reasons. Collectors of militaria appreciate them for their military significance, but target shooters will appreciate the fact that it’s so easy to find the 7.62x39mm cartridges around which the rifle has typically been built. That easy accessibility makes it a favorite among plinksters and target shooters. Even hunters can appreciate the fair performance of the cartridge. There are better rounds out there for medium and large game, but the dependability of the rifle and the affordability of the ammunition certainly make an SKS rifle practical for a wide range of outdoor pursuits.

Whether you are a fan of SKS rifles for their military heritage or historical significance or you actually put yours to use at the range, you can squeeze a lot more functionality out of the platform with some wisely chosen SKS accessories. If you’re looking for SKS parts and accessories, look no further than They have what you need, and more, to turn your SKS into a well-oiled machine. You might be looking for some simple cleaning accessories or you might be looking for something slightly harder to find like a drum magazine. The good news is, you can find all that and more at

For example, if your SKS rifle came with a wooden stock, as they often do, you can liberate yourself from the limitations of a wooden stock with some of the SKS accessories at Wood is handsome, even historically accurate, but if your SKS is more than a showpiece, you can get a lot more out of your rifle with a synthetic stock from Sarco. Take a look at their phenolic stock with a forend and say goodbye to problems associated with warping or moisture absorption.

Perhaps you’re plagued by a more specific problem like a roughly used model that has a broken firing pin. Restore your rifle to operation with a new SKS firing pin from Sarco Inc. Adjust your sights with the tools you’ll find on their site or even replace the bayonet attachment screw on your model. If your SKS needs a new bolt, you can find that right at Sarco Inc. In fact, you can find many hard to find parts and accessories for SKS rifles right on their site. You’ll find barrels, receivers, springs, cleaning accessories and much more waiting for you there.

You can even get a kit of SKS accessories at Sarco Inc., that includes a bundle of necessaries for your SKS as well as a pouch to keep them all safely and conveniently stored. You’ll get a cleaning jag, a bottle of oil, a gas port tool and sling tabs. Take a look at what’s in store on their site to find the accessories you need. There are much more waiting for you than could be easily enumerated in the short space we have here.

And in the event that you have need of other tools, parts or accessories besides those for an SKS rifle, you’re in luck when you take a trip to Sarco Inc. Sarco Inc. pairs encyclopedic historical and functional knowledge with the widest selection of rare and historic parts and accessories for firearms that you’ll find. In other words, if you are in need of some esoteric or hard to find part for a firearm in your collection, your best bet is to visit and see if you can find it there. Better yet, treat yourself to some real customer service and give their team a call at 610-250-3960. Let them know what you’re looking for or pick their brains and they’ll help you find it.

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