When it comes to recharge, a few years back it was very difficult to do recharge for mobile phone, DTH, landline, broadband, Data card, and more. Along with recharge, electricity, gas payment is also difficult. People have to stand in line to pay these amounts but today there is no need to visit a recharge shop or other centre to make the payment. Today, technology has been developed a lot using this. People can find the easy way to make the payment. There are a lot of applications and sites available in the market. With the help of that people can do online payment from anywhere at any time. One of the best platforms to do recharge online is Freecharge where you can find all the above mentioned things within a few minutes.Continue reading to know the reasons to choose freecharge promo code site.

User friendly

Freecharge is a mobile wallet app, which is very easy to use because you can find all the service lists at a single place. Therefore, when you use this site you no need to scroll or swipe to search the service lists and payment options. The interface is user friendly than other payment sites. This is designed as per comfort of the customizers.

Faster than others

Speed is the best reason why many people prefer this to make the payment. When you choose this to pay the bills or to do the recharge it will not take much time to launch and complete transactions as well. Also, it has simple and very few steps to make the payment so that you can do the payment very faster than others. It comes with all the services in two or three clicks from the home screen. Apart from that it takes less network data usage to perform the process. Therefore, it is the best choice to do all the payments and you will not find it anywhere better than this.

Offer you virtual card

This option you will not find on any other sites because this is the only site that has the unique and exclusive features for creating a virtual card. Users can create their own virtual MasterCard within the app, which can be used like just a regular physical card for online payments. You can transfer or maintain the wallet balance to make the payments. Because when you use this site wallet to do the payment you can have the possibilities to get discounts sometimes. Also, you can create a MPIN like other payment cards to protect your account on this site, Therefore, your wallet balance will be secured from unauthorized one. Also, you can set a pin for the Virtual card while applying it.

To transfer money to the contacts

Another option is you can transfer the money to your phone contacts from this application like other transaction sites. For that also it has simple and easy steps to send the money to the contacts. It makes the recharge process easier along with sending money. Not only good for sending money but also you can request money to your mobile contacts.

Auto pay option

In this busy schedule, people will have the habit of forgetting the things such as paying bills, recharge. If they forget to pay the bills at the right time sometimes they need to make payment with an extra fee. In this case, you can make the payments on time with the help of freecharge. In this site you can find the auto pay option, so once you activate that it automatically reminds you or makes the payment like electricity, gas bills, DTH, Data card, recharge bills etc. If you wish to pay those bills automatically then you need to maintain balance in the wallet and if you do not have it will alert you before the due date arrives. Therefore, you can make the payment on time without losing it.

Comes with chat feature

This app is not only for paying and sending money but also you can chat with your mobile contacts through this. You can notify them before transferring the money to any of your contacts. Also, you can use this to ask for money from other people.

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