What is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber at first began as an experiment that was designed to deliver high-speed Internet and cable television to the Kansas City metropolitan area, yet has since developed into an undeniable Internet provider for a number of areas around the United States.

Google Fiber is one of the primary large scale projects being undertaken to absolutely revamp cities' internet networks. Google chooses cities over the United States that have been picked for's "Google Fiber" internet. These cities will receive state-of-the-workmanship networks that are capable of 1 gigabit per second speed. This is around 100 times faster than what most Americans have.

Verizon is the main national internet provider to have created a large-scale fiber optic network in the United States, however the speeds are less than half of what Google has achieved with Google Fiber. Currently, just 7% of Americans have access to a fiber optic internet connection and just 16% of people in the developed world.

Google Fiber, the high-speed internet service owned by Alphabet, is to acquire Webpass, the companies said late on Wednesday, in an offer by the technology goliath to bolster its U.S. expansion and compete with big broadband incumbents.

Google Fiber is reportedly wanting to rely on wireless technology instead of fiber-optic cables in around 12 significant cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas, where it has planned faster internet service.

Google's parent organization Alphabet has likewise suspended Google Fiber gigabit speed projects in San Jose, Calif., and Portland, Ore., as indicated by unnamed sources in a Wall Street Journal report.

Google Fiber authorities couldn't be reached to comment on the report. The report likewise said that Google Fiber is additionally planning to help its high-speed internet expansion by leasing existing fiber or asking cities or power companies to build the networks, instead of Google Fiber building its own.

In the event that Google Fiber intends to rely widely on wireless technology to offer quick internet, it would be a sound move that could improve its competitive edge against conventional internet service providers.

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