If you are looking to start growing cannabis, you may be in a haze trying to figure out which is the most practical light to use on your plants. A single mistake in your decision can have devastating results on your cannabis. However, with the various grow lights in the market, how do you make the right selection?

Making the right selection involves having enough information about the different options available in the market and how the different lights they produce can be beneficial to your plants. When looking for Grow Light that is specifically for growing cannabis, you need to get a full cycle LED light. However, you should be aware that you may only have to use it in the vegetative and blooming stages. Other factors you should also take into account include the area of coverage, the type of chips used, the amount of heat produced among other factors. We have made everything simple for you by compiling a list of the best 600W LED grow lights in the market today.

Full Spectrum

Should the term even be used? Well, when a company decides to call their products a Full Spectrum Grow Light, they usually mean that their product outputs a broad, continuous and significant light across most (if not all) of the PAR range. That’s it. In fact, remember this: “Full Spectrum” as a term, is only as reliable as the Grow Light manufacturer. It is by no means a certification standard; whether legal, industrial or otherwise.

The fact is: as of right now, LED grow light technology is moving away from using specific bands and instead the industry is focusing on providing the broadest possible spectrum. You can see this if you noticed that most reputable LED companies are moving away from pink/purple lighting and replacing their LEDs with “white” chips.
These white chips are produced by a phosphor-coating method, where the coating is deposited on the LED die. The exact shade or colour temperature of white light produced is determined by the dominant wavelength of the blue LED and the composition of the phosphor. And the thickness of the phosphor coating produces the variations in the colour temperature of the diode.
Alright! Now that we know how today’s top notch LED grow lights are made, we can talk about the “best spectrum”.

The perfect full spectrum LED grow light would be one that replicates the spectrum of our sun, while allowing us to adjust the light intensity to our exact needs. This would be the pinnacle of “Full Spectrum.”

For our intents and purposes, the Sun’s radiation spectrum is very evenly spread and peaks in wavelengths around the PAR spectrum.


Crecer Lighting PanthrX LED grow light is a more efficient and powerful light source for sustainable agriculture PanthrX LED replace 1000W HPS or MH traditional lights and uses the only 600W, so you can save a lot of Energy and powerful lighting output compares to HPS. Over the time, you need to replace HPS or MH bulb while LED last for 7 years and no need to change bulbs. It will save bulb replacement cost as well As maintenance cost of change bulbs and reflectors over the time.

The key benefit of the PanthrX LED grow light is its remarkable ability to mimic natural sunlight by emitting a full spectrum of white light. Red and blue light wavelengths activate photosynthesis but are not the only wavelengths plants need. Oversaturating your plants with only red and blue wavelengths causes them to go dormant, leading to underproduced plants. By using full spectrum LED light, which appears as white light, it induces your plants to undergo natural photorespiration. While that will force them to work harder, it also leads to more efficient nutrient intake. You end up with sturdier plants, healthier growth, and increased yields.


This ECO Farm ECOX 650W Foldable LED Grow Light Bars are outstanding, but this price means it’s only worth it for professional growers. The great thing about these LEDs is that even though this light can provide a full-spectrum, it can also provide a lot of intensity.

The ECO Farm ECOX 650W LED Grow Light is maintained cool bythe upgraded aluminum heat sinks. You will never disappoint with it.


MarsHydro 600W LED Grow Light does meet all above requirement within your budget, and it will help you to take Higher Yield while Marijuana Plants Growth. This 600W LED Light does meet the requirement of high-quality build, high performance, and mid-range budget. So go for it to give the best and useful gifts to your Marijuana Plants.

When you buy traditional Lights, then they integrate it with the conventional LED Lights. Here MarsHydro uses quality brand LED lights which is Epistar High-Intensity LED lIghts. These lights chips help LED lights to generate High-Intensity and Higher Par per Lumen Value. It also helps to Strike a Stronger Penetration on the Growing Marijuana Plants.


Each and every one of the 600 watts LED grow light in our best LED growlight review 2020 is different and unique in its way. They all offer exceptional performance. However, you have to select the best light that suits your growth needs by considering the budget in play and the area of growth. Regardless of whether you are a new cannabis grower or not, the above listed Grow light appliances will sure be beneficial to you. If you have already decided on which one of them you want to buy, then click on the link and make the purchase right now.