The charismatically vivid creatures hovering and coloring our pale blue sky have always had a major contribution in enhancing the beauty of this blue pearl! Tropical birds! Being highly diversified and amazingly beautiful, tropical birds have attracted humankind in a different way. Curiosity leaps thresholds whenever a bird nature is discussed. To satisfy this love for our feathered friends, here we present a few myths and facts about Tropical Birds—



Raven, a tropical bird from the crow specie, is a perfect mimicker of variety of sounds it hears. It copies the sounds so exact that there isn’t a noticeable difference. Researchers say most ravens mimic better than parrots! Human sounds, traffic noise, honking, chirping of other birds and numerous other are played well by these birds. Ravens also imitate other animals, predators like wolves and foxes to attract them to delicious carcasses they are unable to get their own.

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