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Steps to Export AOL Desktop Data to Another Computer

AOL Desktop Gold provides the ability to back up the data to a file which can be transferred to another computer without any hassle. You can backup the Personal data that includes Mail saved on the PC, Toolbar Favorites, Settings, and much more. Steps to Export AOL Desktop Data to Another Computer as follows:

• The first step is to Sign in to the Desktop Gold.
• Then click on the Settings icon.
• Now in the General settings, you need to click on My Data tab.
• After that, click on Export.
• You can now choose a location in order to save the export file and then click on the Save button. It will save the file in the My Documents folder named AOL Desktop Backup and then the date the backup was created.
• You also have the option to create a password to export files for added security. You will also be asked for this password i.e. when importing this data on another PC.
• Now you can see that the export progress window will open up. It will notify you when the export gets completed.
• Take the help of the removable USB flash drive to transfer the file.
• Then Sign in to the AOL Desktop Gold on another computer.
• Now you can click on the Settings icon.
• In the General settings, simply click on the My Data tab.
• After that, click on Import.
• Choose the file that you have moved over by using the USB flash drive.
• If asked, enter the correct password that you have created to export files.

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