Customer impression is a significant factor for the App development process, App developers deploy various latest techniques to determine the user experience on their mobile app. 

In our digital era, people are very fast and they don't want to wait anymore to avail services for their routine activities, they avail mobile apps to book their service demands in advance at their doorsteps. Taking care of users' experience is important for business conversions.

Have you known how to measure the performance of your app user's experience? Cool right!!! you can get a method to check your user's experience for your mobile App.

App Analytics Tools

Understanding analytics is the foremost thing to get a sharp view of how your mobile app is gaining adhesion from the users. You have used officially combined analytics provided by app stores and developer consoles.

However, you can use other analytics tools, which will provide some layers of insights on app usage. You can get pinpointed information like users, how long the time they spent on your app, similar apps seen by the user, demographics, user location, etc. The other analytics tools also act as a backup tool when your app store analytics are not trending in the correct path.

Things that you can analyze with the help of the App analytics tools are

  • App usage
  • Session Length
  • the average revenue per user
  • the lifetime value of the user
  • Retention rate
  • User experience and traction
  • active users

Net Promoter Score 

NPS is an index to measures how your customers recommend your service to their relatives, friends, and colleagues. you can have an NPS survey on regular basis to determine the recognition of your brand raised over a while.

Your survey should not consume the user time more than a few seconds and it should be in a way like a rating scale of 1-10 how they would like to recommend your service. 

If you are developing a B2C app, it should be done as a pop-up form when user login to your app. 

If it is B2B, you can get a survey through email, as they may ready to rate your app.

Ratings and Reviews on Your Applications

Significant ways to Enhance Mobile App Reviews.

While we go to the app store, you can analyze the app through user reviews and ratings. Developers must be very careful in resolving issues faced by the user through their reviews. if the app rating goes below 5, it is a hostile review.

You have to be keenly watching the user reviews to enhance the features it lacks and resolve the issues faced by the user on your app.

Customer Churn Rate

Customer churn is to get the number of users lost during a period monthly or quarterly, it is to analyze the user retention on your app.

Either it can be performed quarterly or Monthly for the B2C app. In the case of B2B, it is advisable to check annually.

With this analysis, you can check your progress rate, and which ways you are lacking fix those issues faced by the user, how long the customer retains on your app.

Session Tracking

How can you perform session tracking on your app with analytics?

If your user session was short, you should concentrate on engaging users to improve the time spent on your app. short sessions may be a result of a problem in user experience.

The problem arises due to app UI or performance or maybe a bug on your app you can determine with the help of session tracking.

To get detailed information, track your user sessions over the various pages and sections of the app. these are the metrics used in perform session tracking 

  • Activity Per Sessions
  • Average Session Length
  • Frequency of Sessions
  • Bounce Rate of Various Pages

User Demographics

Attractive users with demographics are the key factor frequently utilized. While with the Mobile app can be customized with demographics details like country, city, the gender of the user.

With these details, your app can improve user engagement with their local languages. Even it can translate your app into their local language.


Hence, these are the ways with which you can analyze the consumer experience on your mobile app. hope you can use these ways to improve your consumer experience.


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