Learn The Process To Setup Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV
Amazon prime is the most latest entertaining source for the youngsters who love to watch movies, documentaries and web series as well. Apart from that Members receive excellent benefits which include FREE fast shipping for the eligible purchases, online streaming of movies, favorite TV shows and music, exclusive shopping deals and selection, and the unlimited reading. Recently, Amazon has announced that its Amazon streaming service is now available to the Apple TV buyers. But it requires a Amazon video subscription to service or operate smoothly with Apple in-built universal search. To stream Amazon prime video on Apple TV, we require at least a 3rd generation Apple TV, because anything older than that will not support the streaming service.

Here we have listed a simple and quick way to connect your Apple TV to the Amazon prime video account or how to set up Amazon prime video on apple tv.

After you complete the configuration of Apple, you will want to download the Amazon prime video app, for that you have to follow these steps carefully.

Select the App store option from the Apple TV home screen.
Now you search for the Amazon prime video.

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