The practice of Yoga asanas or Yoga Sadhana keeps us in a state of balance in our  physical, mental and emotional bodies. And for us to experience this joyous state of balance, our Abhyasa or practice has to be done regularly , over a long period, consistently and with complete devotion and involvement.


Each Anga or limb of yoga brings this Samatva or Balance  in various aspects in us. Yama and Niyama bring an equanimity in our behaviour towards others and our own selves. Asana practice gently tugs the body towards a state of equilibrium by nudging our body towards the right balance between the two arms of our Automated Nervous System. There’s a continuous, dynamic process going on within our body to keep a fine balance between the Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic Nervous system. The Sympathetic nervous system gets activated whenever any threat is perceived by the body so that we rise  to the occasion and face up to  the threat. And then it is essential for the body to get back to the mode of rest and recoup which is the role of the Parasympathetic Nervous system. And, our immunity system has an extremely critical role to play in this balance. It is but our  immunity system  which plays a crucial  role in fighting our enemies  in the form of viruses, diseases, stress etc Therefore it becomes very necessary to do the right things  to ensure that the immunity system remains strong and  shored up for the next fight. And this is an ongoing regular process.And ,Asana practice is one of the most effective tools towards maintaining this hormonal  balance and harmony within us. 


A breath  -based Asana practice focussing on the movement of spine enables PranaChalanam or the proper flow of Prana in our body. Prana is the life energy which keeps us alive and which is responsible for every action within our body. Asana practice removes all blockages and opens up our body enabling the Prana or life energy to reach each every part of the body till each nerve ending. This results in each cell of our body to get activated and be alert to any foreign body. Simultaneously, Asana practice also aids PranaShodanam or  the purification of Prana or   life energy by dumping out all the toxins from our body.  And this  contributes towards building our immunity.


A course of a breath -  coordinated Asana practice focussing on movements of the spine in a planned manner would be most ideal.  Some of the Asanas which can be practiced regularly to boost your Immune System are mentiond below.  We must keep in mind that it is  most important to follow the right breathing while practicing these Asanas for us to reap the benefits of our  practice.





This is only a short list of some of the main asanas. It is said that there are as many asanas as the number of living species on this earth! So the possibilities are infinite. What is important is that the asana practice has to be breath -focussed  and the practitioner should be guided by an experienced teacher. What is also equally important is that the focus while doing the asanas should be on the function or the benefits  of the asana and not the form. A good teacher will also ensure that each of the asana is modified according to the requirement of the practitioner to avoid injury. 


 Asana practice with all these components will definitely go a long way in boosting our immunity.


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