In recent years, the usage of the internet and smartphones on gaming platforms protends a promising growth to the e-sports sector globally. E-sports is poised to become a cornerstone of the global digital games industry over the next 5 years. The digital gaming platform is the best to make monetization.

Here are some of the types of fantasy sports games.

(i) League based games
(ii) Concept-based games
(iii) Daily/weekly based games
(iv) Score based games
(v) Seasonal leagues

When you think of the fantasy sports app, your minds will figure Dream11. Yes. Dream11 is one of the booming fantasy sports apps in the industry with a large user base. Develop your gaming app like dream11 with our feature-rich dream11 clone script.

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Let us first know about

Why develop an app like dream11?

The first and foremost reason is that the dream11 app is perfect for sports lovers. It allows users to play different online sports games like cricket, football, basketball, soccer, and more. The panel of experts in this sector said that the enormous success of the fantasy sports app business will excite more entrepreneurs to enter into this outlet and see this as a scalable business proposition.

This platform has gained a growing base of 20 million + users and there is no sign of a downturn in the follower base. And mainly, Drema11 stands out in the marketplace with its fascinating gaming features and functionalities.

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How does fantasy sports app work?

  • Free signup for the users to enter into the world of fantasy sports. Over the signup process, users can apply the referral codes to gain the signup bonuses. Here, the people who send the referral codes also get beneficial bonus points.
  • The next level in the game is to create their team with 11 players from the available contestants based on the rules and regulations for the match. Users have to spend their budget wisely in picking the team players to build the best team at minimum cost.
  • After finalizing the team with the vice-captain and captain, they can play the match by paying a certain fee from where the main revenues. Every match is attached with some prize money and there is some restriction also added like the number of participants to be played in the match.
  • An important note, before the deadline the players need to finalize their team and must be played in at least one match to enter into the tournament.
  • There will be a ranking board, it shows up the number of teams and contestants who played very well and their points. Based on this, the winning team and amount will be decided.
  • Lock-in periods are announced before the start of the next match. During this interval, no changes can be made to the new and existing team created in the gaming platform.

The Bottom Thought

Once you have decided to develop an app for your business, it’s essential to study about the current marketplace, analyze competitors, how other sports app works, and what are the strategies they are following to hold in the marketplace. Hiring the best mobile app development company is the smartest way to procure an embellished outlet of the app.

The prominence of the dream11 app makes the gaming field more and more competitive increasingly. Currently, there are approximately 60+ fantasy sports apps are present in India. To outshine your sports app like dream11, it is necessary to go along with the right on-demand app development solution provider.

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