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We have organized our firm around a small group of senior professionals qualified to conduct critical leadership or succession-related search assignments. In addition to amassing years of experience as construction recruiters, many of our consultants are degreed engineers who have held executive posts with engineering and construction firms, and speak regularly at industry associations, seminars and conferences. This industry knowledge and visibility helps us cultivate the trusted relationship with senior talent that enables us to help you as few other search firms can.

We support our construction recruiters with one of the top research and library science departments in the country, and the most advanced network and database of construction executives available anywhere. In more than three decades of experience, we have won worldwide recognition as the source for outstanding construction executives and the publisher of authoritative industry articles, executive studies, demographic reports and surveys. As our clients throughout the construction industry will confirm, we manage and fulfill sensitive, senior executive assignments with unmatched expertise and expedience.



Our Founder

Dear colleagues and friends,


Because of you, Hornberger Management Company has grown into a management-consulting firm of international stature, and is considered one of the oldest and most respected executive search firms in the country for the construction industry.


Current Press


Hornberger Management Company is recognized by leading construction periodicals and industry media sources as an authority on construction executive recruitment. These include: The Wall Street Journal, Recruiting Magazine, Recruitment Today, The Fordyce Letter, SMPS Marketer, AGC Constructor Magazine, Contractor’s Management Journal, MCAA Reporter, National Home Builders Association, Construction Strategist, Journal of Construction Accounting & Taxation, news,, Mining Record, Contractors Management Journal, Recruiters Network, Gonyea Career Center, America Online (AOL), Executive Recruiter News, Cahner’s Building Design & Construction, Hanley Wood’s Big Builder magazine and Construction Publications Inc.




Sampling of Executive Appointments


Hornberger Management Company specializes as a construction recruiter for corporate board member and senior executives exclusively for the construction industry. We find Board Directors, Chairman, Presidents, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and the senior officers who report to them.


Our services are retained and extend exclusively to businesses in construction. These businesses include general contractors, specialty contractors, highway and heavy contractors, construction managers, program managers, design build firms and engineering contractors (EPC). In addition we service real estate developers, universities and corporate owners that employ senior construction executives.


Board Services Practices:


Hornberger Management Company offers management consulting and recruitment services for Corporate Board of Directors and Board of Advisors in the construction industry.



Management Consulting services address all matters of Corporate Governance, and provide solutions for the selection, creation, restructuring and recruitment of Board Members.


Research & Library Science Department


Research for Hornberger Management Company is conducted by the Executive Research Institute (ERI), a wholly owned division of Hornberger Management Company.


Research is considered one of our top priorities and our greatest investment. ERI’s Library Science professionals are leaders in their field, and effectively monitor construction industry markets throughout the U.S.


Management Succession Planning


Hornberger Management Company provides construction firms with Management Succession Planning services to help employers make their businesses more people-oriented — and thus more profitable. A good succession plan will help construction employers create just the right environment to attract, advance, and retain construction executives and emerging construction leaders.


Construction Executive Job Openings:


Hornberger Management Company is an executive search firm exclusively dedicated to board and executive recruitment for the construction industry. We find Board Directors, Presidents, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and the officers who report to them. In addition, we find outside corporate directors and contract executives for consulting or interim assignments.


Career Articles Library for Construction Executives and Employers


Hornberger Management Company produces a variety of books, articles and other publications for the construction industry. Whether you are a construction executive wanting to learn how to confidentially seek a new position, or an employer needing to brush up on interviewing skills, our Career Articles Library is a valuable resource tool.

Many of our library articles are delivered on a fee basis. The following are provided at no charge. Please continue to check back often since new publications are posted regularly.




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