At ShapShap, we have built a platform where anyone can place an order for food, groceries, and medicines and business owners can register to sell their products through our platform. The ShapShap mobile app connects customers to the restaurants, QSRs, food stalls, grocery stores, and pharmacies around them that have registered their businesses with us. With our platform, people in need of something can order it from their nearby stores and our delivery executives will make sure that all orders are picked up and delivered the same day, at the earliest.

So, as you can see, our delivery executives are an integral part of our business model and they are the ones who hold everything together and keeps the business functioning. We make sure that our delivery executives are well equipped for the task at hand and we employ multiple modes of delivery based on the preference and need like motorbike, car, bicycle, etc. We are proud of our industrious team of delivery executives. Start your career in the logistics industry, join ShapShap today!

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