Connected vehicle services are a part of the ‘internet of things’, the phrase which refers to everyday items that are being connected to the internet with the intention of formulating life easier. As well as letting you control specific items remotely, often via the smartphone application, these connected car services can also communicate with various other products. There are various benefits of connected car technology –

  • Fuel & Cost Efficiency

Connected cars provide a variety of communication potential than many other connected devices. And enabling their users to attain real-time access to all types of information, they can help contact between car & dealership and alert emergency services if you have been involved in the accident. Connected Car technology allows the driver to reach the proper destination quickly, safely, & in a cost-efficient manner. Moreover, by communicating with the traffic signals & road infrastructure, smart cars can slow down before reaching the signal. It can even automatically stop & start the car just before the lights turn green. And, this feature translates to greater fuel efficiency.

  • Driver and Passenger Safety

Driver & passenger safety and comfort are the key benefits of a Connected Car Platform that warn the driver about the external hazards & internal responses of vehicle to hazards. The central monitoring system tracks numerous sensors for warning signs & indications associated with the overall health of your car. It can even check external weather conditions & hazardous road conditions to alert drivers on time.

  • Advanced Navigation

While most of the modern cars are capable of GPS-based navigation systems, connected vehicle platforms that will include smart navigation features that are integrated with location-based services. For instance, your car can prompt you to stop at the next fuel station based on the current fuel levels. It can explore the distance to nearby refilling stations & automatically set the destination of your navigation system. Moreover, the advanced navigation system of your car can access the calendar to calculate the time that it takes to get for your next meeting. Based on real-time traffic & weather conditions, your car will propose the best route to the destination.

  • Cost-Effective Solution 

By tracking driving patterns, connected vehicle platforms can assess the wear & tear of the vehicle. This information can be leveraged by the insurance agencies in calculating premium that is based on usage & maintenance of the car. Service stations can episodically gather diagnostic information over the air to achieve predictive analysis. This can proactively reach out to vehicle owners to schedule the service appointment.

It is clear that the IoT is revolutionizing fleet management. The newest generation of fleet or vehicle management solutions has migrated to the IoT. The clear benefits of the effective vehicle-to-cloud platform are improved driver safety, reduced TCO, & predictive analysis for the future. To deliver optimum results to connected vehicle solution providers & fleet operators, there is a need for reliable connectivity all across coverage areas & compatibility with networks that the reliable connected platform can provide.