PPC advertising helps create brand authority, generate quality leads, and boost sales but only when you hire a Google Adwords expert. When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, Google Ads is a clear winner. Google owns over 71% of the search market share. The statistic alone answers why Google Ads PPC campaigns work. According to Google Economic Impact Report, businesses that use Google Ads earn an average $2 in revenues for every $1 spent


As such, it becomes more important than ever to hire an Adwords expert who can help generate maximum ROI for your ad investment. However, the biggest challenge here is choosing the right Adwords agency. Do they have the expertise to deliver impressive results for your business? What are the proven PPC strategies they use to get quality leads? Can they help lower CPC? How cost-effective are they? These are some questions that bother advertisers when they consider hiring a PPC management company


In this blog, we will share seven vital steps that will help you make a well-informed decision in choosing the right Google Adwords agency.


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If a preliminary discussion with the agency does not fulfill the below-mentioned points, then you should continue searching for a better option. 


1. Google Adwords PPC Expertise Level 


PPC Adwords account management process is complex. At the same time, the competition for the top ad position on Google SERPs is cut-throat. Hence, hiring just any Adwords consultant can cost you badly. Best PPC specialists have relevant domain expertise and knowledge to implement only proven practices to deliver outstanding results. 


Before you hire a PPC agency, here are some things you should look for: 


  • Are they well-established as a Google Adwords PPC company or are relatively new?
  • What is their service offering? Every Adwords expert offers basic PPC management services, so look for something out-of-the-box? That’s what makes the agency forward-thinking
  • Are they Google Ads certified or have won accolades in their domain? PPC agencies will love to showcase their service excellence with awards and recognitions
  • Do they have knowledge of the latest Google Ads updates and recent trends?
  • Evaluate their case studies or portfolio to understand how they have helped increase ROI for businesses
  • Search their presence on social media; check customer reviews and ratings


Only an experienced PPC Adword consultant can deliver high-quality results for your pay-per-click campaigns.  


2. Scope of Google Adwords PPC Services  


The next vital step is evaluating what the PPC agency specializes in. If you are paying to hire a professional, you would want services that are beyond basics. Watch out for those extra unique that makes them stand out in the competition. 


Adwords optimization typically includes the following as standard services: 


  • Competition analysis 
  • Comprehensive keyword research 
  • Choosing the right PPC channels to target 
  • Ad creative and landing page optimization 
  • PPC monitoring and reporting 


Some “extra” services you should look for are: 


  • Dedicated Google Ads account manager 
  • Split testing ad creatives and landing pages for better optimization 
  • Ad scheduling 
  • Smart bidding 
  • User experience and User Intent 


The choice of PPC service package will depend on your advertising goal, i.e. why you want to hire an expert to manage your Google Adwords campaigns. 

Source: Hire Google Adwords PPC Expert