Technology in San Francisco healthcare catalyzes a holistic development of the companies.

  • Helping with Treatment
  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Invoicing
  • Staff Management
  • HIPAA CompliantCommunication
  • Doctor On Demand

The list of services development by healthcare startups San Francisco is extensive.

Startups provide a boost to the provision of health services in San Francisco.

Moreover, global spending in healthcare will reach $10.6 trillion by 2022.

If you are based out of San Francisco, then take a look at these healthcare startups first.

The healthcare domain is evolving; thus, know the latest startups are working on, in San Francisco.

Top Healthcare Companies in San Francisco

We have curated a list of the best healthcare companies in SF.

These companies in San Francisco are setting new trends in healthcare.

  1. One Medical Group– 2018

Coming from a larger organization, the One Medical health startups San Francisco set up shop in 2018.

Among the premier healthcare startups, One Medical gives wellness & care services in San Francisco.

As one of the premier healthcare startups, One Medical offers services at the user’s convenience in San Francisco.

  1. Allogene Therapeutics– 2017

There is a global race to find a cure for cancer.

Healthcare startups Allogene Therapeutics is working to make antigens out of San Francisco.

The purpose of the antigen is to enhance the immunological response to cancer.

Few health startups SF are working to build such solutions.

Allogene health tech is one of the few companies based in San Francisco working to find a cure.

  1. Hims & Hers– 2017

Hims and Hers is one of the unique healthcare startups San Francisco. They are working in telemedicine and patient engagement.

Such health tech companies’ San Francisco aims to create an impact.

They tend to create moderntelemedicine solutions and effective products.

Startups like Him and Hers makes it easier to access health and wellness services in San Francisco.

  1. Orphidia– 2015

Medical testing is gaining ground in the wellness and patient care industry.

Health startups San Francisco like Orphidia, are working to streamline medical testing.

Also, they are making it easier to gather and understand patient data.

  1. Lively– 2016

Lively is a modern-day Health and Savings account manager startups in San Francisco.

Such startups help residents of San Francisco make smart decisions about their healthcare needs.

Lively is one of the few healthcare startups San Francisco working on this model.

  1. Alto– 2015

Another one of the care management solutions based health tech companies SF.

Alto is a smart solution provider for patient prescriptions.

Along with ensuring timely delivery, they also provide recommendations (which is a unique feature).

  1. Hinge Health– 2015

Patient-centric solutions are gaining importance. Thus, healthcare startups SF, like Hinge Health, is developing new solutions.

Such tech companies help San Francisco patients with specific health issues.

Similarly, Hinge health helps with back pain and chronic pain issues.

This is done digitally via their application and doctors-backed recommendations.

  1. Clarify Health– 2015

Clarify is working in the healthcare domain and other startups in San Francisco to deliver precise and detailed insights.

Healthcare companies like Clarify work in collaboration with San Francisco wellness professionals.

From physicians to ACOs, they create some real impact.

  1. Tonal

Tonal is working in the domain of intelligent fitness systems that can be installed in homes.

Such health tech companies San Francisco have a high scope of growth in the time of a pandemic.

  1. Verily

Health tech companies San Francisco like Verily, boast an evidence-based care system.

Such tech companies allow San Francisco residents to choose the best health services.

As one of the innovative startups in San Francisco, Verily allows the physicians to give personalized health services.


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