The United States of America is a prime nation in terms of healthcare services. As per statistics, the US is expected to spend around 20% of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare by 2028.

This close to $6.2 trillion. And there are plenty of healthcare giants that form a part of the US economy.

The surfacing of new technologies and the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed the medical sector. It has led the US and other nations in the enhancement of their healthcare systems.

With the rise of:

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning


Many fresh startups are coming into healthcare in NYC and around the world. Moreover, they are also supported by people as they offer:

Doctor on-demand services

Virtual health sessions

Medication suggestion and delivery

And there are many other services the users demand and need. Around 54% percent of people in the age group of 18-45 years use a fitness app in the US. These stats provide a clear insight that healthcare startups in New York and around the world have great potential in the future.

So, if you have any idea for innovative health startups in NYC, this is the right time to get to work.

There are many recognized NYC based healthcare startups that have been founded in the last few years. Here are some of the best ones.

Best 15 Healthcare Startups in New York

  1. Galileo– 2018

Galileo is counted as one of the unique healthcare startups NYC. Why?

Well, it has transformed the way patients find the required doctors.

The Galileo app has endless features for the patient’s needs. It works on one of the best healthcare app trends.

  1. RO– 2017
    RO is an innovative telehealth company that has multiple products for its various users.

It is one of the ingenious health startups NYC.

And it focuses on providing premium quality services to patients whenever required.

  1. Kindbody– 2018

Kindbody is an innovative company that aims to provide quality health services to women.

NYC Healthcare startups like Kindbody focus on women’s fertility assessment and consultation.

  1. TMRW– 2018

IVF is the technology of the future. TMRW is among the futuristic healthcare startups New York that is leveraging this technology.

The NYC based company aims to solve the issue of cryo specimen management.

  1. Neurogene– 2018

Neurogene focusses on counteracting neurological diseases of the people.

And this is what makes it one of the best healthcare startups in NYC.

  1. Medly Pharmacy– 2017

Medly is a medicine delivery company based in NYC.

Its wide range of services distinguishes it from other health startups in NYC.

  1. Cityblock Health– 2017

Cityblock Health is a healthcare firm focused on providing services to underserved populations.

This approach makes it one of the unique NYC based healthcare startups.

  1. Paige– 2018
    Paige is one of the promising healthcare startups NYC. Why?

It harnesses the power of AI to diagnose and treat cancer.

  1. Hiber Cell– 2019

Hiber Cell is a biotechnology startup.

It focuses on building advanced methods and approaches in the treatment of cancer metastasis.

  1. Rightway– 2017

mHealth apps are very popular in the current time.

And Rightway Healthcare is one of those NYC startups that provides a mHealth app.

  1. Cedar– 2016

Seamless payment is an essential part of the healthcare sector.

And Cedar is one of the best health startups NYC that accomplishes it.

  1. Capsule– 2016

Capsule is one of the NYC healthcare startups that is reshaping the pharmacy industry.

It helps you get your medication right in the comfort of your home.

  1. HealthReveal– 2015

HealthReveal is a part of healthcare startups in NYC that fosters the power of AI.

It helps clinicians to diagnose and treat chronic diseases of the patients.

  1. K Health– 2016
    Doctor’s visits can be inconvenient and costly at times. So, why not get the doctor on your phone.

K Health has turned this idea to reality. And that is what makes it one of the growing NYC healthcare startups.

  1. Simple Health– 2015

Simple Health is one of the innovative healthcare startups in NYC.

It focuses on providing online medical consultation to the user regarding birth control.


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