There are different social media sites that allow you to build a network and provide a platform for friends, family and others. Some of the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin that allows sharing pictures, videos, links, blogs etc. Along with this, it also allows to chat with other users with the help of messaging service without worrying about the geological boundaries. Nowadays, there are most of the businesses also that are interested in marketing their products on these social media platforms like instagram and whatsapp. So as a startup, it is a good way to start a business having your own social media platform.Whatsapp and Instagram are now on trend and there are more than 80% of users using this platform. It is a good opportunity for a startup business to go with the whatsapp clone or instagram clone to start with.

Understanding Whatsapp Clone & Instagram Clone

Whatsapp Clone:

The term whatsapp clone can be defined as an application that is similar to Whatsapp. For an entrepreneur to give a quick startup to their business can go with the whatsapp clone. The development team using the whatsapp clone script can create the application that is similar to whatsapp. This whatsapp clone is compatible for both the platforms like android and IOS. Understanding the whatsapp business model and how whatsapp works gives a good boost to the startup business. It consists of the similar features like invite contacts, chatting, video call, audio call, sharing location, pictures, audio, video etc.

Instagram Clone:

Due to the growth of the trend of photo sharing there is a huge demand for photo sharing apps like instagram. Hence, this ongoing trend has influenced most of the startups and entrepreneurs to start their own social media like instagram. To start an app like instagram one can have instagram clone that allows people to share their photos or videos publicly. As an entrepreneur one must consider how instagram works and how instagram makes money. This will also help to know the revenue model of instagram so that one can apply it in for their own business. It is just all about using the concept of instagram and getting their features. One can get their own customized instagram clone script with different theme, design, feature. This will make the instagram clone unique and help to attract more users to your application. Another reason for a startup to go with an instagram clone is, there are many businesses who are using instagram to grow their business.

Why not give a chance to boost your startup using instagram clone or whatsapp clone. Ncrypted technologies provide the best solution for starting social media script like whatsapp and instagram. Using the social media script, the team of developers provides a complete solution to your business startup using the social media script.