FRVelion car engine is nothing but a lubricant which is used in the car engine, this lubricant provides the power to the car’s engine, engine-generators, motorcycles, and many other machines. As it has well known that the engine's parts of any car move in opposites direction of each other and which create friction among their parts and this creates wastes of energy in form of heat energy which is not good for the car engine.


FRVelion Car Engine Oil is well known for its high and effective performance. It is mainly popular for its best quality. Its developed with the Age Resistance Technology which is used keeps and also improves the effectiveness of engines, make engine remain cool and also safeguard car’s engines from any kind of mechanical wear and corrosion. So, all characteristics make your journey safe and smooth. These characteristics make the car engine to live long and also keep it as young for a long time.


One of the best features of this Oil is that it keeps the car running smooth and also helps the car engine to remain cooler than the normal mineral-based engine which is used to reduce the vibration, noise, and Harshness of the cars rises the life of the engine and also decrease the friction.


FRVelion has so many ranges of Car Engine Oil that are developed according to your car engine oil requirements. We have both synthetic car engine oil and mineral oils which are used to meet the highest API standard for giving our customers the right balance between the performance and value. This also gives the capabilities for functioning well in both season summer as well as in winter. FRVelion Car Engine Oil’s lower viscosity also means less strain on the oil pump, as well as better fuel economy.